Packing multiple binaries in a Golang package

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Check out the source code and issue tracking for reporting bugs binary-only packages for feature requests at https: Conan is a decentralized package manager with a client-server architecture. On a high level, the servers are just binary-only packages storage. They do not build nor create the binary-only packages. The packages are created by binary-only packages client, and if binaries are built from sources, that compilation is also done by the client application.

One of the most powerful features of Conan is that it can manage pre-compiled binaries for packages. To define a package, referenced by its binary-only packages, version, user and channel, a package recipe is needed.

Such a package recipe is a conanfile. If the package is built again from the same sources but with different settings, e. All the binary packages generated from a package recipe are managed and stored coherently. When they are uploaded to a remote, they stay connected. Also, different clients building binaries from the same package recipe like CI build slaves in different operating systemswill upload their binaries under the same package name to the remotes.

Package consumers client application users that are installing existing packages to reuse in their projects will typically retrieve pre-compiled binaries for their systems in case such compatible binaries exist. Otherwise those packages will be built from sources binary-only packages the client machine to create a binary package matching their settings. In the documentation, examples for a specific OS might be found, such as conan install.

If on a different system, the reader should adapt to their own platform and settings for example conan install. Also conan works with any build system. In the documentation, CMake will be widely used, because it is portable and well known. But conan does not depend on CMake at all; it is not a requirement.

Conan is totally orthogonal to the build system. There are some utilities that improve the usage of popular build systems such as CMake or Autotools, but they are just helpers. Furthermore, it is not necessary that all the packages are built with the same build system. It is possible to depend on packages created with other build system than the one you are using to build your project.

The compatibility binary-only packages always considered forward. New APIs, tools, methods, helpers can be added in following 1.

Recipes and packages created with these features will be backwards incompatible with earlier conan versions. This means that public repositories, like conan-center assume the use binary-only packages the latest version of the conan client, and using an older version may result in failure of packages and recipes created with a newer version of the client.

If you have any question binary-only packages conan updates, stability, or any clarification about this definition of stability, please report in the documentation issue tracker: Please check out our FAQ section or write to us. Upgrading binary-only packages conan 1. The different applications in the image above are: Conan client has a local cache for package storage, and so it allows you to fully create and test packages offline.

You can also binary-only packages offline so long as no new packages are needed from remote servers. It is also a service application that can be run as binary-only packages daemon or service, binary-only packages a web server apache, nginxor easily as stand-alone application.

JFrog Artifactory offers conan repositories; so it can also be used as an on-premises server. It also has cloud offerings that will how to become a licensed and regulated binary options broker in australia you to have private packages without having any on-premises infrastructure. Users can create their own repositories under their accounts and organizations, and binary-only packages upload conan packages there, without moderation.

You should, however, take into account that those packages will be public, and so they must conform to the respective licenses, especially if the packages contain third party code. Besides that, Bintray provides a central repository called conan-center which is moderated, and packages are reviewed before being accepted to ensure quality. Moving forward to following minor versions 1. X should never break existing recipes, packages or command line flows If something is breaking, it will be considered a bug and reverted Bug fixes will not be considered breaking, recipes and packages relying on the incorrect behavior of such bug will be considered already broken.

Only documented features are considered part of the public binary-only packages of conan. Private implementation details, and everything not included in binary-only packages documentation is subject to change. Configuration and automatic tools detection, like the detection of the default binary-only packages might be subject to change. Users are encouraged to define their configurations in profiles for repeatability.

New installations of conan might use different configuration. Read the Docs v:

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Sometimes, it is necessary to create packages from existing binaries, like binaries from third parties, or previously built by another process or team not using conan, so building from sources is not wanted. You would want to package local files in two situations:. For this use case, it is possible to use conan export-pkg command directly. A conan recipe is still needed, in this case it will be very simple, just the meta information of the package.

A basic recipe can be created with the conan new command:. This method can be further customized to provide other build flags typically conditioned to the settings. This package recipe can be also extended to provide support for more configurations for example, adding options: In this case, having a complete conan recipe, with the detailed retrieval of the binaries could be the preferred way, because it has better reproducibility, and the original binaries might be traced.

Such a recipe would be like:. Typically, pre-compiled binaries come for different configurations, so the only task that the build method has to implement is to map the settings to the different URLs. Upgrading to conan 1.

You would want to package local files in two situations: When it is not possible to build the packages from sources only pre-built binaries available. When you are developing your package locally and want to export the built artifacts to the local cache. This way you can keep your build cache if you are using an IDE or calling locally to the conan build command. A basic recipe can be created with the conan new command: Such a recipe would be like: Note This is a normal conan package, even if the binaries are being retrieved from somewhere.

The recommended approach is using conan create , and have a small consuming project besides the above recipe, to test locally, then upload the conan package with the binaries to the conan remote with conan upload. The same building policies apply. Having a recipe will fail if no conan packages are created, and the --build argument is not defined. If they are external internet , it could be better to create the packages and store them in your own conan server, so builds do not rely on the third party URL being available.

Read the Docs v: