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A bit offtopic, not very electronic post. Our tap water is full of lime calcium. And this lime tens to grow on small tap filters, aerators. After some time I noticed, that the water stream is not very even, the bubbles are not so dense and small.

After some more time the stream is skewed. The problem is very simple- lime on the filters. It is possible to find and buy new filters aerators in Aikada store I often visit this company as I am responsible for IT in this company … But coffee is better in Vitra company.

So, I visited shop and noticed, that some aerators are missing in display. After some interrogation they confessed, that some visitor steal those small devices. So, I decided to describe how to clean all lime using environment friendly way. This recipe is usable even with such large device as cloth washing machine.

Collect all aerators filtersother small parts covered with lime. These parts must be thermal resistant. Put all parts to electric kettle, add some water and some citric acid. About two full spoons for cup of water. After few minutes the stench from kettle inform, that everything is going fine.

After some time, the stench disappears, and the water will get yellow color. Now rinse the binary options no deposit bonus june 2018 algebra. And no need for expensive special washing materials, no Calgon… Use your saved money for more pleasant purposes. It is time to use USB. After several unsuccessful experiments I found some working project in the internet.

Maybe other project are working too, but only this one was usable and understandable for me. As I need not only binary compatibility, but compatibility in the source code level. I want to recompile all stuff by myself. In this project only USB Windows system drivers are downloaded from sourceforge web pages. Why designing the PCB I looked to several other project and adapted my circuit diagram to accept several types of connections.

With slight modifications, it is possible to use other firmware. It is not only serial data transfer, but stack binary options no deposit bonus june 2018 algebra procedures, drivers and other stuff to connect external devices to master unit using same buss. It is more complicated that old RS serial one and it is very hard to implement all features to simple device. This identification is coordinated by some organization. This organization distributes VIN vendor identification number for money.

We shall use free, testing numbers. USB firmware is used from http: There is small testing software for Windows to test the device. It allows to print text on the LCD and some other small command. The source code will be in the next post as I have problems with compiling it with my compiler. There are lots of chips with serial control. Some of them use Philips I2C buss. There two data lines and two power lines to transmit all data.

There DTMF encoders, switches, Dolby surround audio processors, multiplexers and many many other devices. Just open any TV set and you can find some- like TV tuner. It is LM75 or any other clone. It is smarter and more precise clone of original LM FM75 is backwards compatible with LM It has more precision and this means more data bytes available to read. At full precision it used 12 bits for temperature. For more precise calculations, read FM75 and LM75 datasheet. And maybe AD datasheet too.

I am using i2c. This project is very interesting, pay a visit to original Tenki web page for more advanced device. LCD modules are same as in older my web blog posts. With these chips and software example it is possible to build some thermostat project. Read the datasheet again and use LM75 thermostat option. This analog to digital converter have several interesting options.

Here is abstract from datasheet:. The ADC is connected to an 8-channel Analog Multiplexer which allows 8 single-ended voltage inputs constructed from the pins of Port A. The single-ended voltage inputs refer to 0V GND. The device also supports 16 differential voltage input combinations.

Seven differential analog input channels share a common negative terminal ADC1while any other ADC input can be selected as the positive input terminal. If 1x or 10x gain is used, 8-bit resolution can be expected. If x gain is used, 7-bit resolution can be expected. Internal reference voltages of nominally 2. The voltage reference may be externally decoupled at the AREF pin by a capacitor for better noise performance.

Software is very simple. With small change in the source just uncomment fre lines and it is possible to read data from all channels. And if this number is changing, we can determine, that software is still working. Blinking LED is not very cool. And not very informative. But we can use LCD module. It is very cheap and available device. There are many types of LCD modules in the world. I am using most popular- HD controller based alphanumerical module. It is 2 lines, 16 symbols.

There are 14 or 16 pins on this module. Two extra pins are used for backlight. All other pins are used in 8 bit mode. As MCU pins can be used for more usefull purposes, we use 4 bit mode- every byte is transfered in binary options no deposit bonus june 2018 algebra cycles. As MCU is very fast, we can not notice any lag here. LCd module has selftest mode. When we connect power supply we must see upper line in black. If, not black square are here, try to adjust contrast using the only available trimmer on the PCB.

LCD control software is from internet. After several experiment I selected Peter Fleury program. Other versions I tested had some hardware limitations. LCD connection is described binary options no deposit bonus june 2018 algebra lcd. No need to change lcd. But you can peek to it to find what procedures are in here. There is some push button routines here too. We solve this problem later. Software source and hex file for testing is here: To test this hardware we need to run some program.

And to build program we need tools. I downloaded and used free software from internet. Also, I am using programmers notepad2. It is useful tool for MCU programmer. First program is simple LED flasher. As the binary options no deposit bonus june 2018 algebra is made with long exposure, it seams, that all LEDs are on. In real, they are flashing in binary way. My printer binary options no deposit bonus june 2018 algebra dead, so the PCB is ver ugly.

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The sample input and output files are downloadable from the track of Assignment 1 at MyUni https: You should attach your name and student number in your submission. If it is found your code did not implement the required computation tasks in this assignment, you will receive zero mark regardless of the correctness of test output.

If you have any questions, please send them to the student discussion forum. This way you can all help each other and everyone gets to see the. Your supervisor asked you to fragment a students enrolment database of all public universities in South Australia horizontally by an algorithm you learned from the DDDM lecture.

To implement the task, you are give three text files: The format of these files can be found in the following section. Your code should follow the framework of Algorithm 3. That is, if a minterm predicate generates an empty fragment on the given applications, it should be removed from M. In each single test, the auto-marker script will generate a random database with an average of 55 records. The attributes in an application are split by Tab. The applications are listed line by line.

In each single test, the set of applications are randomly generated. The simple predicates belongs to one attribute are listed in one line. The simple predicates follows the order of their attributes order in the database. In each line, the simple predicates are split by Tab. The automark script will then check whether your code compiles.

You can make as many resubmissions as you like. If your final solution does not compile you will not get any marks for this solution. Database, Queries and Simple predicates then print the required minterm predicates set as the output. The file path and the file name in your local machine will not work with our web- submission system. The last 5 years saw the bank transform into a fully computerised bank.

Keeping in pace with its philosophy of responsive customer service, UCB decided to offer online banking services to its customers. The new online banking service would fully integrate with the core banking solution already implemented at the bank.

The online banking service is open to savings account customers and current account holders. The basic entity for explaining all operations in the bank is the customer.

A customer may have one or more accounts in the bank spread across one or more branches. Customers open bank accounts with a specified opening balance and thereafter may either deposit funds into the account or withdraw amounts from them.

For each customer the system wants to record name, personal information e. For each account, the system should store basic account information e. One of the most frequent requests for information by customers is querying on balance and information regarding specific transactions carried out in the bank.

In addition to this, the system should be able to perform the following actions: Design and develop an E-R-A model suitable for the project assigned above.

Identify all entities, attributes and relationships in the model, and the primary keys for all entities. All data in the model should be normalised to 3NF, with the normalisation process demonstrated in full. You should document any and all assumptions you may make, and provide reflective design notes. You will be assigned to a group for tutorial support in week 8 Wednesday 28 February — please come prepared with any questions on the project, and consider the tutorial to be a client interview.

If there is anything you do not understand about the assignment that you do not resolve at your tutorial please contact me Kosmas Kosmopoulos, k. You will be assessed on the accuracy and completeness of your model, and the appropriateness and relevance of your design notes.

Your model and notes should be submitted no later than 4pm on Friday 9th March via Moodle in accordance with normal DIS coursework submission procedures. The purpose of this coursework is to create a database ER schema and relational schema foraspecificdomainbasedontheprovidedrequirements. This is Part 1 of the Coursework. You will receive some feedback as part of the marking of the coursework.

Any assumptions need to be reasonable and realistic. Monday February 19th by Part 1 Late Deadline: Tuesday February 20th by You have been hired by a nation-wide fitness company named Fitness4All.

Fitness4All has gyms in different locations and offers different types of memberships to customers. Customers can also purchase different fitness lessons and personal training sessions. The company wants to utilize a DBMS to track the sales of classes and memberships. Members who sign-up to SuperFitRewards can get offers on free classes! This also will allow Fitness4All to store data on customer purchases for his Data Science team to analyze.

Fitness4All has gyms in different locations across the country. All of these gyms have a gym suite and they may have a swimming pool. Each gym has a unique identifier and the date in which the gym opened. Customers can become members of any of these gyms. For each membership, the company wants to store the unique membership number, start date, monthly fee, gym and customer information. For each customer, Fitness4All stores its full name, address, phone, and date of birth. Members make online purchases consisting of group and individual fitness classes.

For each type of class, the company stores its name, price and type group or individual. Each type of class can take place at different dates, times and gyms. Indeed, more than one occurrence of a same class type can take place simultaneously at a same gym. Each class occurrence has a unique identifier and a particular capability.

Purchases are of particular places in class occurrences. For each purchase, the company would like to keep the purchase identifier, date and time, the total price, the classes purchased and the member information. Note classes can also be purchased by non-members at the gym receptions. These purchases are registered in the system as purchases without member information.

Members may sign up to the SuperFitRewards with their email address. They will provide their membership number and email as part of the sign-up. Every member may have only one SuperFitRewards account. Fitness4All would like to keep the offer scheme of the SuperFitRewards simple at first. Every SuperFitRewards member gets 1 free group class for every 10 group classes that they buy and 1 free individual class for every 5 individual classes that they buy. The database should keep track of the necessary information for the SuperFitRewards.

Draw the ER schema that would correspond to the requirements above. Include all entities, attributes, and relationships. State assumptions made and ensure that those assumptions do not contradict with the coursework requirements. Convert the ER schema into a relational schema separately grouping the Entity and the Relationship relations. You may write PK and FK to indicate the attribute s that serve as primary and foreign keys, respectively.

Other documents and extra materials will be ignored. Your design will be accessed not only on the quality of the design, but also on the overall presentation including legibility and proper use of language in your explanations. It will be hard for the marker to properly access your work if it is drawn by hand. The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to gain some hands-on experience in creating a simple database to retrieve and generate information using FileMaker Pro Happy Harbor Financial is a fictitious company that manages a comprehensive suite of green investment solutions designed particularly for private investors.

To demonstrate your understanding of the database concepts, you are asked to create a simple database to manage data about their clients and stock transactions. The database will contain some information about the investors clients , and the orders placed by individual investors to buy or sell stocks.

For simplicity, there are only FIVE tables in the database, viz. Refer to the tables and relationships shown below. Hand-in Requirements Each student is required to prepare and submit this assignment individually. This is NOT a group. To receive full marks for this assignment, you should complete and submit both section 1 and section 2. Submit the FileMaker Pro database file consisting of the tables and forms you create as specified on pages below in the Assignment drop-box on Connect. This database file should be renamed using your student number, e.

You should download the marking guide and read the detailed requirements carefully, particularly the questions listed in Section 2, before you start. Students who fail to complete and submit both section 1 and section 2 described above will get zero marks for this assignment.

This sample database contains one table, viz. You will create the other four tables, viz. Secondly, you are required to create the following layouts forms to allow users to view, enter and update data.