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I think ayrex is very transparent,their customer service is close to being perfect, I've been with them for just a month trading my live account I think I'll have to withdraw the remaining investment and quit BO I thank God for this forum,I came across it accidentally today I think binary option sucks. All the one post wonders praising Ayrex at the beginning of this thread do more to harm credibility in my book than they do to make me trust a company.

Why would you want traders on your platform to be successful if you only profit from their losses? Sat Apr 7 Tokyo: September in Brokers. Can't withdraw money from this broker! Has someone dealed with them? Time will tell I just think its interesting that "Credit Suisse Group" is connected to them. They are normally very niche oriented and never could see them in the bins world lol. But hey people watch Caitlyn Jenner so anything is possible January edited January Ayrex have a great platform with a execute time instantly.

The withdraws are very secure and fast for Neteller. You will can withdraw today and tumorrow you will have your money in Neteller account. Ayrex is the best platform of binary option in the world.

I would more likely recommend and trust a broker like Binary. The Ayrex platform is the best platform to trade binary options "hands down" execution is lightening fast and the platform is easy to use. I have been around the blocks with many different platforms trading binary options and Ayrex is by far my best experience. This platform is a keeper-- my new trading home. Dear Traders, My name is Rachel and I am here to represent Ayrex and to answer any questions you may have about us.

A bit of information on us: Our platform is custom-designed and combines fast execution with a user-friendly experience which can be tested on a demo without registration. This way users can experience our Real platform without making a deposit. Please feel free to ask us any questions!

Ayrex - Binary Options reinvented. Good to see you here as well. Why does your demo account have payouts much higher than a real account?? Going to try you guys out. September edited September Dear Traders, A scheduled maintenance will be performed on Friday, September 2nd. The maintenance will last no longer than 30 minutes. Users may experience brief connectivity issues with the website and all of its services September 2nd between Several trading instruments might not be available during the time period.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. You can take binary options signals demo contest 2015 of them from 12th till 23rd of September. Please feel free to ask us questions about this offer binary options signals demo contest 2015 we will do our best to help.

Dear traders, we are here to share several updates regarding Ayrex. We have experienced technical difficulties during the Friday round of our Binary Blast contest which caused lag for our demo users and contest participants. As of right now, we are working on finding the origin of the problem and negating it. The next round of our demo contest will start binary options signals demo contest 2015 at On a happy note, autowithdrawals for Skrill users are now also available.

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding those offers! Dear traders, we would like to announce the latest Android app update. In this update we have introduced and binary options signals demo contest 2015 the trading history section, a feature requested by binary options signals demo contest 2015. The trading screen now supports open windows history and return to the app is enabled with the "Back" button. Please feel free to share your feedback on our mobile app trading experience so that we take your input into account during the upcoming updates.

For instance, how do you see such feature can be used in the real life? Would you like it to be introduced on the platform directly or maybe your views about it are completely different? It will be great for us to know what would you like to see there as a trader, so we could dive in the development process fully prepared!

Dear traders, we would like to know more about what is the most important thing that you wish to see in your broker?

How do you choose the best one for you? What are your criteria? Well, you better pay me when I make my usual 10K a month withdrawal! Last week we have interviewed few members of our Support Team and discovered that a lot of questions that we receive are quite similar in it's nature. That gave us a thought about making a whole list of the most popular questions about Ayrex. And here it is. Hope, you will find at least one question, which will be useful for you!

And how much do I need to invest in 1 trade? And it exactly the same as the minimum investment and withdrawal amount too. How handy is that! What can you offer me to try your Real Platform without trading with my own funds? Not to mention various little gifts for our constant clients. Do you offer automatic trading? At the moment, no, we do not offer any robots at all, but there are Signals available, which can binary options signals demo contest 2015 great for beginners and we are also working on collaborating with MT4 and will be glad to hear what do you think about it as a trader?

Plus, we think that the best way for a newbie to start trading is via educating himself and that is there our demo platform is the best. No, you can start trading right now, but verification will be required for card deposits as well as for withdrawals of any kind.

The binary options signals demo contest 2015 feedback we receive from you, the sooner we will understand how can we introduce it on our platform. So, share your thoughts with us and none of it will be neglected! Dear Traders, for few weeks now we have been receiving a lot requests from you to introduce the history export feature on the platform.

We have decided to consider this option and would binary options signals demo contest 2015 to know your opinion as a binary options trader for the following questions: Your feedback is very important for us, because we want to make the most comfortable and user-friendly instrument for all traders!

How do you feel about calls from your broker? Does it make you feel more confident or annoyed? Today we've received a lot of questions binary options signals demo contest 2015 or not we provide account management and should our clients be prepared for constant calls. The answer no, so no pushy account management here.

In our point of view, client has to be a king of his own kingdom, so we are trying to give him as much freedom as possible and do not interfere in his trading routine. Our team is always glad to help and eliminate any uncertainties! How to become successful BO trader? This question follows us every day and everywhere as binary options signals demo contest 2015 constant reminder of what we need to do to become more binary options signals demo contest 2015 in BO trading.

When we listen to the various stories of ones, who have already achieved it, we recognize the same thing repeated over and over again. Yes, binary options seems pretty simple at first sight, but as you know, it is not, at least not really. So, to become a successful trader, newbie has to dive into education materials and try to understand how financial markets work and how to use it to it's own advantage.

With the reading of articles and manuals we can get basics of BO, but analyzing of market and it's patters is very important as well. Once you feel that you understand it well enough and you think that you are ready to try it for yourself, free demo account will be the best possible way to do it and practice your newly acquired trading skills. We understand that not all of our clients wish to make their first deposit prior to trying the platform first, so demo account can be considered as a revelation of some sort here.

Every trader can try all types of options with available expiration times, check the return rates and execution speed. To evaluate your progress and results, trading history can be quite handy also. In few words, practice makes perfect, so stay interested and determined to learn and you will reach your goal soon enough! October edited October Good day to everyone! Compelling design with the bright and binary options signals demo contest 2015 colours?

Or maybe just a simple and clear structure? One of our priorities is to make sure that our clients can enjoy trading on the platform anywhere and without any limitations. Surely it can be very attractive to imagine yourself lying on the beach, chilling and in the same time keeping up with your trading strategies. If you have any thoughts about what the ideal mobile application should be like, we would like to read it very much and take it into productive consideration!

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22 comments An introduction to binary options trading

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This feature can be found under "Add Demo Money" in the drop down menu under your username. Update May 22nd - A free membership now gives you full access to all our features, we no longer offer premium memberships of any kind. By purchasing a premium membership you can follow up to 50 traders with TradeConnect. The fact that you are a premium member will also be reflected in your personal avatar.

Brokers Guide Login Open Account. Forgot password Remember me. Frequently asked questions Below you can find important facts about Binary Options Demo. Important Update September - From the end of September we will no longer provide a trading platform. If you are looking for a binary options demo account alternative please visit the following sites: Trading room charts are not loading If the charts in our trading room do not load for you then please take the following steps.

Contact us to find out if we are experiencing technical difficulties. Try using Chrome as a browser if you are not already 3. Turn of your firewall or antivirus 4. Open ports and on your firewall. Are you a Binary Options Broker? No we are not a binary options broker and our website does not offer any form of real money trading.

We are also not part of any broker operation or owned by any binary options broker. If you are looking for the best binary options brokers we suggest visiting our binary options brokers page. Is trading on your platform exactly the same as trading at a binary options broker? We use live market rates and market conform returns to provide you with a similar experience to trading at a leading binary options broker. How many different assets can I trade on your demo platform? Currently we offer around 25 assets.

What happens when I run out of demo money? Can I get more? What does a Free Membership include? A free membership to binaryoptionsdemo. This is perfect for those of you that are looking to practice binary options trading, try out strategies or simply to find out if binary options trading is right for you. From the moment that you signup you will be automatically entered into any binary options competition that we hold meaning that you are eligible to win some great prizes.

As a free member you can also follow up to three other traders. Whilst you will receive a notification when someone that you follow places a trade, you will need access to TradeConnect in order to be able to view the full trade details.

Can I copy other Traders? If you have access to our TradeConnect feature it is possible to copy other traders. Please visit the My Brokers page to connect your accounts. Once your accounts are connected you can use the TradeConnect Copy feature to copy trades directly to your broker account.

What exactly is TradeConnect? TradeConnect is a great way to learn from the more experienced traders on our platform and you can also use this information to profit by copying trades yourself either manually or with one click at one of our integrated brokers.

It is also possible to copy a trade using your demo account, you can do this by clicking on the copy link that appears in the box for every trade made by someone you follow. What are the benefits of Premium Membership? How do I become a premium member?

You become a premium member by purchasing a premium membership to our site. This can be done by clicking the Premium button that appears after logging in to our site. What trading platform do you use? We developed our own trading platform and created a company called Social Trading Solutions to deal with the software side of things. So just to be be clear, there is no charge for trading as long as I want on your platform?

That is correct, we do not charge for the use of our trading platform and anyone is welcome to trade on our demo platform for as long as they would like. Where can I view a history of all my trades? Your complete trading history is available via the trading area or via the drop down menu under your name at the top of screen.

How does your Top Traders feature work? Our Top Traders feature works exactly as the name implies. All trades on our system are registered and our system automatically keeps track of how much profit each trader has made during a specific period of time as well as a range of other variables.

Top Traders are displayed on the homepage of our website as well as on our Top Traders page. Using our premium TradeConnect feature you are also able to follow our top traders or any trader on our platform and view what trades they make in real-time. There are a number of reasons why the rates for our assets may differ from those of another broker, trading platform, mt4 or TOS.

Please note that we update our real-time rate for visual purposes once per second, ie charts and rate are updated once a second. Trades are executed and close based on faster updates. Data Exchanges Unlike equities and indices, Forex rates can differ depending on which exchange the data is being derived from. Different Data providers use different exchanges.

For our Forex data we use xignite. These differences should however not have any effect on trading outcomes as our shortest binary option is of a 30 second duration.

Commodity prices can also vary slightly depending on the source of the data that is being used. Binary Options Brokers It is important to be aware that binary options brokers often display the rates that they are willing to sell you the binary option at. In a lot of cases this is not the real time market rate but a rate that the broker has set.

Graphs at binary options brokers may also not reflect the real time market rates but the adjusted rates. Some brokers may inform you of this only in the fineprint.

And even though a broker might say that they are using rates from Reuters, this may mean that they only use Reuters for the expiry rate whilst using adjusted rates for everything else.. Finally there may also be a delay built into the pricing and execution of trades at various binary options brokers.

This is something some brokers will do in order to make it more difficult for traders to win as after all they lose money when you win and vice versa. TOS also uses the data from their own exchange so you see the Forex rate from their dealing desk. We have also created various achievements that you can attain as a trader.

Achievements that you do attain are added automatically to your public profile. Our system also allocates a number of stars to your chosen avatar based on how many achievements you have gained. You can share your profile and achievements easily using the share feature and let your friends know how well you are doing. You will receive an instant notification whenever you have managed to attain a new achievement. Our Top Traders page gives you real-time insights into the best traders on our platform at any point in time.

There are top traders rankings for various different parameters including in the money percentage, profit made and number of followers attained. We hold regular binary options contests whereby we define a parameter and a timeframe for example highest winning streak in a calendar month and allocate prizes for the top traders at the end of the defined period.

For details of actual contests please visit our Contests page. How many people can I follow? If you are a free member you can follow three other traders and be notified when they place a trade. By purchasing a premium membership you can follow up to 25 traders.

Using TradeConnect you will be able to view all details of their trades in real time. Will you be adding more Assets in future? In short yes, we plan on adding more assets including global stocks during the course of Do you provide a newsletter?

Yes, we provide a regular newsletter which contains information about our platform as well as market updates and signals written by our trading expert. Simply add info binaryoptionsdemo.

If for some reason you do not wish to receive our newsletter simply opt out via your profile page. I want to reactivate my account If for whatever reason you have deactivated your account and would like to reactivate it please contact us. By not being a binary options broker or being connected or part of one we have managed to avoid any conflict of interests.

We do not make money when you lose or win unlike a binary options broker. Of course we do need to make money in order to keep our trading platform free and this is where our sponsors come in. They are the ones that make it possible for us to offer a free binary options trading platform.

I have a question or suggestion regarding Binary Options Demo. Binary Options Demo Brokers.