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Warmer than normal winter: However, 4Q and 1Q power gross profit could be better than expectations: Strong economic performance should lead to strong power sector performance: Commensurately, we expect natural gas infrastructure businesses to perform well: Going intowe believe that natural gas prices will stage a moderate recovery, but power margins should do better benefiting from accelerating economic activity.

Individually, we continue to like…. However, the real star may be …. Among the utility names, we like … due to their growth prospects. We also look for … to outperform as …. We believe these are all the right moves, and we expect that these will translate into further upside for NRG. Successful asset sales would be ST driver. Boston energy trading marketing we expect proceeds to be applied to debt repay, but MT it is likely to be redeployed to acquisitions and other growth projects.

Completed major overhaul of model to eliminate GenOn, GenOn boston energy trading marketing, incorporate Retail gas business, and flattened out our commodity price curve. We look for NRG to aggressively expand its Retail business, which would also allow it to reduce hedging.

We look for continued modest recovery in commodity boston energy trading marketing and macro-economic tail wind to pick-up. The decision was based on the following logic and comparison: Therefore, we continue to believe that as the case is appealed to higher judicial authority, we maintain that the most rational outcome boston energy trading marketing the reversal of both NY and IL subsidies for nuclear power.

We feel that act 2 will be contingent on the stock price performance over the next 2 years We believe that the privatization of NRG is NOT off the table. Summary of the terms and conditions are as follows:. We blew our 2Q17 estimate by country mile due to generation optimism and wishful thinking on Retail. We are concerned about potential for headline risk around GenOn financial distress, but we look for positive outcome, and along with Business Review results, should serve as catalysts. NRG yet to disavow share buybacks.

We are less than thrilled about the potential for headline risk surrounding the potential financial boston energy trading marketing of GenOn, but we look for a positive outcome.

It feels like to us that management is attempting to set the agenda for the strategic review. March 6, Lasan Johong Boston energy trading marketing a comment. Lasan Johong Leave a comment.

November 7, Lasan Johong Leave a comment. August 5, Lasan Johong Leave a comment. July 27, Lasan Johong Leave a comment. June 14, Lasan Johong Leave a comment. Summary of the terms and conditions are as follows: May 17, Lasan Johong Leave a comment. May 13, Lasan Johong Leave a comment. May 1, Lasan Johong Leave a comment.

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