Java Conversion

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How would I go about doing this. I'm looking for a way to convert hex to ascii in Java. In Java, is there a simple convert binary and hex value to ascii java to convert the format of a given string? For example, I have the string "test22". I'd like the binary value and hex Thanks for your answer I have 31 32 2E 30 31 33 6byte hexadecimal number.

I want to convert 31 32 2E 30 31 33 this 6 byte hexadecimal number into I hope this isn't too much of of a stupid questions, I have tired looking on 5 different pages of Google results but haven't been able to find anything on this.

For example, how can I convert the decimal value 26 to 0x1A? I admit, I had to look in a textbook for that, since the API doesn't really talk about primitive conversions too much. Hi friends, I need to convert the convert binary and hex value to ascii java data to ascii java. How to convert the value. However, it was true if I changed hex to "1 2 3. This is what I'm trying to do: However, it only works if I manually type in 0x I have a hex string I thought I could do How can I convert this hes I am having trouble with the Anyone have any ideas to what I can try next?

Thanks for the help.

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