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To learn more about you on a personal level, our interviewers will ask you job-related interview questions to gain insight on your capabilities and motivation for the company. SGS recruits and develops its people against core competencies.

Our interviewers will ask you questions that will allow us to understand examples of your past behaviors and experiences that relate to your successful performance at SGS.

The questions you will be asked by SGS interviewers are likely to be similar to those asked by other companies. Behavioral interviewing is basically an interview designed to obtain information from you about your relevant past behavior and performance — information that will tell the interviewer how you will perform on the job.

The principle behind the technique is that past behavior predicts future behavior. Our interviewers start preparing for your interview by reviewing your resume and other information you have provided. You should therefore be prepared to talk about your past experiences. In the interview, we are looking for the best example you have that answers the interview question — no matter where it comes from. While school and work experiences provide great examples of past work-related behaviors, you should also feel free to use examples from other aspects of your life — such as volunteer activities, military experience, clubs, organizations, etc.

SGS interviewers will be looking for a complete response from you to best understand your past behavior. Your response to our questions should start by providing information on the situation in which your behavior took place, the actions you took and the results of those actions. This site uses cookies. Find out more OK. What is SGS looking for in you? What kind of questions can you expect?

During a behavioral interview, you will be asked a series of standardized questions. Sample questions are as follows: Give me an example of when you showed initiative and took the lead. Tell me about a time you were able to successfully deal with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you or vice versa. Give me an example of a time when you used your expertise to solve a problem. How long will my interview last? Most interviews last around minutes, but there are no strict time limits.

Know what you have done — review your resume and other information Our interviewers start preparing for your interview by reviewing your resume and other information you have provided. Think about past successes from all aspects of your life In the interview, we are looking for the best example you have that answers the interview question — no matter where it comes from.

Practice how to give a complete answer to our questions SGS interviewers will be looking for a complete response from you to best understand your past behavior.

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August 9, 3: Tough interview questions are supposed to challenge job candidates and make them think on their feet.

But you can be prepared ahead of time. I am extremely impatient. I expect my employees to prove themselves on the very first assignment. If they fail, my tendency is to stop delegating to them and start doing everything myself. To compensate for my own weakness, however, I have started to really prep my people on exactly what will be expected of them. You have changed careers before.

Why should I let you experiment on my nickel? These skills help me solve problems creatively. With all of the mergers that have been happening in our field, layoffs are a way of life.

At least I gave it my best shot! From your resume, it looks like you were fired twice. How did that make you feel? After I recuperated from the shock both times, it made me feel stronger. The morale here is very high.

During the first two years that I worked there, people were being fired left and right, and just hanging onto my job was a feat. No one from the old staff was there to even vouch for my performance! If you were running a company that produces X and the market was tanking for that product, what would you do? I would search for new markets for the product while I spurred the engineers to change the product to make it more marketable to its original core audience.

Sometimes you need to take a step backward to move your career forward. Starting in an entry-level role would allow me to learn your business from the ground up. The salary cut will be well worth it.

From your resume, I notice that you interned at a small investment banking boutique. Did you pursue a full-time job offer with them? Yes, I did very well at my internship, and I had originally assumed that I would come on staff once I graduated from college. As fate would have it, they will not be hiring any of the interns they had last summer. Still, in some ways, I consider this new turn of events to be a lucky break for me, believe it or not.

We love women at this company, but our clients are Chinese and so we were thinking of hiring a man for this particular job. Why is that, exactly?

It seems to me that I am probably more qualified to handle this position than anyone, man or woman. I would need far less training than an American man who grew up here and has never worked outside our borders. Our clients feel more comfortable with ethnic writers. I sincerely believe that being a great writer requires one major skill beyond being able to string sentences together, and that quality is empathy.

I think that, rather than looking at my skin colour, your company needs to consider whether or not I can empathize with our target market, and the answer is certainly yes. Why did you take so much time off from work, and why do you wish to get a job now? But during that time, I really missed working. Fortunately, I kept my hand in the business during those years by consulting for several of my ex-clients.

What would you do if you really wanted to hire a woman under you, and you knew the perfect candidate, but your boss really wanted to hire a man for the job? How would you handle it? First, I would try to credit her publicly with the ideas that were hers. However, if the person taking credit for my ideas was my boss, I would tread cautiously.

To some extent, I believe that my job is to make my superiors shine. If I were being rewarded for my ideas with raises and promotions, I would be happy. I work pretty long hours most of the time. When our clients read our reports, I want them to think that no one else could have possibly written them, except for our company.

Does a company need B players? Or is it better off only having A players on staff, and why. I believe that a company needs both A and B players.

But behind the A players, you need the B players who can hammer out the details of the projects and stick with them on a day-to-day basis. Having too many A players on the team leads to ego clashes and a disorganized, anarchical way of doing business. This ad agency is a TV shop. But I see from your resume that you have far more experience handling print. One thing I learned from these ad agencies is that print and TV are only mediums. The real thing that we offer clients is our ideas.

And a strong, solid award-winning idea will work just as beautifully in TV as in print. Hire me for my ideas, and when you do, I promise you that they will translate seamlessly into TV.

During my first week on the job, I would ask my boss how she would prefer me to handle projects. If she indicated that she wanted a take-charge person under her, I would take the ropes. If she told me she wanted me to run ideas by her first, I would comply.

I was hired by a woman who was on her way out. I just learned to drop the assignments off with my boss on the day that they were due, and when the managers would ring me up, I would recommend that they simply follow up with her.

This kept me out of hot water with my boss and with her superiors. But clearly, I also happened to be in the right place at the right time. When the person doing the confiding has shared the fact that she was doing something unethical — and if I felt that I might be able to stop her behavior by telling someone else about it. I have all of the leadership qualities. What do you view as your risks and disadvantages with the position we are interviewing you for? I think that with the home office located halfway across the globe, there is a very small risk that one might not have the chance to interact with the key decision makers as often as might be ideal.

What are a couple of the most courageous actions or unpopular stands that you have ever taken? I am excited about the prospect of helping your promotion agency upgrade and fine tune your loyalty programs. But I also do my best to never become embroiled in office politics.

At my level, I consider this to be a wise course of action. I like people and can pretty much work with anyone. So I concentrate on doing my job, listening to directions, surpassing expectations, and leaving the internal political battles to the politicians. Filed under Business Insider. Will you be out to take my job? It is looking increasingly likely that pipelines heading to the United States will get built, but they too face their challenges. The public pension plan is out of control and its mounting obligations are swamping local communities.

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