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If its consistent or same, then that might be one way for them to know you are running a bot. You can easily set up random time for decision Nice, I didn't know that. What else could Stars be using to detect a bot betting. It should be next to impossible to be caught using a bot, unless its betting really fast or using certain patterns.

Stars actually might be monitoring the time forex broker sign up bonus gt binary optionsorg your turn and the time you take to act.

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The classroom instruction provides a practical approach of both the principles and practices of network management from different perspectives. Topics include analysis and design using structured techniques to analyze existing information systems, preparation of the associated structured documentation to design new computer information systems, and preparation of the technical specification to implement the system.

Other topics include project management, software quality assurance, computer- assisted software engineering (CASE), and other state-of- the-art techniques that the software engineering profession introduces to support the system development process. New developments in data communications will be discussed.