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Recently I have put in my charts a different indicator from the classics that I had in the past as you can forex factory volume indicator in my articles. This indicator is the Sine Wave. What is exactly Sine Wave? It is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. But you can use it for a strong confirmation. Read the full story here. Fri Apr 13 Tokyo: October edited October in General.

Hi Kostaszethank you for the article. October edited October This is my main strategy and I adjust it in particularities of the product I trade because you have different goals and MM plan trading Binary Options than Spot or Futures for example.

These indicators are not an important part of my strategy but sometimes I use them as an extra confirmation. Yes,I have posted many articles with Technical Analysis but some of them are not stand-alone strategies. I call them parts of a general PA strategy because they have to do with the price without waiting lagging indicators to give some signals after the price move.

I posted this indi because I found its signals pretty accurate. You can find it here: The indicator I use focus on Climax.

You can find forex factory volume indicator indicator and the templates here: Hi kostasze, I added the SW inid bu tonly get a flat line? Any settings that need to be changed?

Hey holyfire, no I use the default settings. The problem is that many of these indicators out there don't work because the coders try to make forex factory volume indicator indi forex factory volume indicator to the Better Sine Wave from e-miniwatch which is not for MT4. Many traders have problems to install them Try this link: December edited December Sure fire MT4 indicator can be found at repeats to self I am a douche for spamming affilate links tested and working.

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TradingView offers VP on their pro accounts. But it may also just be because it requires more resources to calculate, particularly when loading a zoomed out view of the 5 minute timeframe TF , for example.

But is it comparable, as a free option? Logically speaking, VP should reflect a more accurate measure of market sentiment, as quick movements at extremely high volume might barely register in MP. Almost to the tick. There are other EAs in MT4 that might perform better[1], as well as extensive discussion on the subject[2] at Forex Factory.

That famous hive of scum and villainy. The one called MarketProfile-va is actually much more useful than the first, giving a POC line and a transparent, behind-the-candlesticks look, with colour coding and a value area VA box.

You just have to set it to a date and how many days to count for that to work. This is looking better. How does it compare to VP on TV? Well, it showed 1. Let me try another 5 days, just to be sure:. There was a large swing on that day. This is noted as an issue with profiles on the Wikipedia page[3]. Assume both are perhaps control points and work from that assumption.

Otherwise manually clicking away works fine. Tradingview using same Oanda demo account as MT4. Objectively Fun Read all about: Home About Get in touch Categories. A quick explanation of the difference Market profile: How long did the price spend at each level? How much was traded at each price level? Let me try another 5 days, just to be sure: Getting started in Forex trading.