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This forex robot is a scalper as the title itself suggests, it trades at pullbacks like most scalpers do but I unlike other scalpers this one is more robust forex scalping strategy ea trustworthy because it works even at higher spreads.

Most scalpers fail because the stop loss is very large while the take profit is very small. It takes wins just to cover a single loss, well, here is not the case, the smallest take profit is 15 pips and the larger allowed stop loss is 51 pips. Broker side TP and SL. Much more wins than losses. This is what I call an efficient scalper. It trades pullbacks under high volatility conditions. If the price forex scalping strategy ea slowly low volatility after a sustained move up then suddenly comebacks a long is triggered.

Take profit and stop loss are also broker side thus protecting the account if the VPS shuts down or if the internet connection is lost. Unlike other scalpers, stop loss and take profit have almost the same values, so it needs only wins to recover forex scalping strategy ea loss. Total number of trades: Backtest shows long trades and short trades, the distribution is almost equal which is great!

The profits are almost equally distributed over the years forex scalping strategy ea this is a great thing too. You may wonder why am I using this weird formula. Total profit of pips made in the backtests are multiplied with Walk Forward Efficiency Ratio which is usually less than 1 because in real life we expect less pips than in backtests. The drawdown length is quite high, backtests forex scalping strategy ea a maximum drawdown length of more than one year and nobody has the patience to wait that much.

But the drawdown length is a common expert adviser problem. So during the swing periods the EA merely survives. The proper choice is to build a multiple strategy portfolio. My portfolio this trend follower is a part of it shown only 3 months of drawdown, the maximum drawdown length is 3 months only! Are you interested in forex scalping strategy ea pay per profit scheme? Home About me Contact me Old forex robots.

The strategy It trades pullbacks under high volatility conditions. Backtests and statistics 13 years backtests: Scalper EA yearly profits. Details here Yes No View Results.

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Use the quote history to check the assets price at any point in time. You can easily open charts and browse information. A consultant will always give you a hint on how to improve your trading and suggest the strategy that is right for you.

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