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Stay tuned to this post for this. Thanks and good luck! The prices i am using are XBOX. Playstation prices are higher than xbox, but the percentage drops should still fut 16 toty trading options the same. I Didn't buy as many TOTY players quantity wise as i first thought, but ronaldo will go back up to the 15m fut 16 toty trading options after the crash so i feel like he is a solid investment.

Di maria despite me disliking him in game will rise due to his league and team, as he is the only BPL player i feel like he has the potential to rise a lot. Post pictures of your squads you built - i would like to see them. By this i mean monday or sunday. This will be when everyone is panic selling before the defenders come out and the market will be flooded. Players in this category include: Personally, I dont think fut 16 toty trading options cards are the best investment option, but again similar to regular cards, early week is definitely the best time, as everyone will be selling their inform cards and there will be lots on the market.

Fut 16 toty trading options reason legends will drop in price is because of people opening them in packs and then selling them. For this reason i believe the best time to fut 16 toty trading options them is towards the end of the week when many people have found them in packs.

TOTY players will be very rare, and they are guaranteed to be the highest rated version of their player for the rest of the game. Messi and ronaldo in a few months time may be as high as m, and other TOTY cards will rise too, not as much but still substantially. Or if you want to invest in some players that a bit more expensive, players like neymar, costa, bale etc will be good.

If you can afford it, messi and ronaldo NIF will be good investments. By far the best investment in terms of both risk and return is buying TOTY attackers. If you can pick up a TOTY ronaldo or messi for under 8m and hold onto it for a month it could be as high as m.

I am going to buy probably Fut 16 toty trading options Messi or Ronaldo depending on how cheap they are maybe both and with the rest build a respectable squad. Check the 3rd comment under this for my investment activity, i will be updating it throughout the week with each player i buy. I managed to pick up 2x NIF Ronaldo for 3. This fut 16 toty trading options my money now. Post Pictures of your squads you built - i would like to see them.

Since the TOTY players are fut 16 toty trading options so heavily i have been flipping cards for profit. An example is with TOTY messi fut 16 toty trading options below: I just looked at futbin and his lowest bin is around 45k, so i would say he would go for around k.

I think that was a one off! This is so helpful thank you i think im gonna try and fut 16 toty trading options ronaldo or messi fut 16 toty trading options you think thats a good idea if have 3million to invest?

I'm pretty confident he will be around 35k. I would also monitor the price of SIF Ronaldo ST as if his price drops a lot you can be certain it will raise again after the crash. If you have more you can look into some legends such as gullit. I dont think you will be able to buy TOTY ronaldo, maybe toty messi. I havent played with in form ronaldo before so i couldnt tell you, but in terms of making money i wouldnt buy IF ronaldo, id either try and get TOTY messi of if your lucky TOTY ronaldo but i doubt he will be that low or what you said NIF ronaldo and di maria is a good option too.

Suarez's price will depend heavily on whether he gets a TOTY. If he doesnt i'd say around k, bale k, neymar k, SIF godin 70k. Curse Help Register Sign In. With the help of " Brownin " we will be updating prices reguarly, including tips on when to buy and who to buy throughout the week. These updates will be located in the comments below this 2nd and 3rd comment. Since I live in Australia, and Brownin lives in the UK, there should be updates throughout the day no matter on where you live.

Hi everyone, I have seen lots of similar posts of people asking how much their squad will be worth, when is the best time to buy, who to invest in, etc. Note all of my predictions are estimates and can vary depending on demand and market conditions.

Final Squad I Didn't buy as many TOTY players quantity wise as i first thought, but ronaldo will go back up to the 15m mark after the crash so i feel like he is a solid investment. This will be when everyone is panic selling before the defenders come out and the market will be flooded Players in this category include: Some Legends prices will drop heavily, some wont.

Popular ones like gullit, weah, okachoa i expect to drop more than the less popular ones. TOTY Price approx exepctations at lowest point: Or if you want to invest in some players that a bit more expensive, players like neymar, costa, bale etc will be good but the safest bet is to just fut 16 toty trading options your team that you want to play with in the future.

What I am going to do: Last edited by denemga: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Current Price - Below is my investment activity and I will update this part with my days happenings as I go.

Last edited by Brownin: Any idea how much Sanchez will go for? He's around K currently. Quote from Sameelt jump. Last edited by Sameelt: Quote from fifamonz jump. Yeah i use futbin! Cheers for the help lad! Very helpful tips aswell! Realy thanks for the tips. Yea I was thinking ronaldo 2. I have a little over 30 million fut 16 toty trading options what you recommend as far as investing in TOTY players?

Thanks for this guide, roughly how much will Suarez, Bale and neymar be on ? Quote from ChrisP7 jump. Quote from denemga jump. Everything you need to know When to buy each diff.

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Precios de las opciones de acciones en el mercado

Players are expensive at the start of the game. Players are cheap at the end of the game. For those of us that have played Ultimate Team for the nearly 10 years it has been a game mode, that much is clear. And FIFA 17 was no exception. A quick economics lesson on the principles of supply and demand will tell you. When FIFA releases in September, there are few cards on the market low supply compared to the high volume of players that want to play the game high demand.

Therefore, player prices are through the roof. However, as time goes on more packs are opened. An increase in supply occurs. The supply of cards on the market is at a peak, and demand for playing Ultimate Team is dwindling with the approaching summer and conclusion of any major FIFA events. Many FIFA players stop playing, and with that prices plummet to even further lows. Where we began on the left side of the graph, now we fall on the right.

While this is how the FIFA market looks over the long-term, Ultimate Team events cause short-term deviations that present opportunities for investing. Knowing the events of the Ultimate Team calendar will help you to predict and take advantage of these changes in the FIFA market.

A new season of FIFA begins. One of the first ways you can access the game is through the web app. For traders, the entirety of this trial should be devoted to Ultimate Team. There are a few ways that you can approach this. First and foremost, sell all of the items in your catalog. Coins are in short supply at the beginning of FUT, and this is one of the easiest ways to stockpile them. In addition, make sure to activate your coin boosts as these can earn you an extra coins per completed game.

How you choose to play these games depends on your abilities as a FIFA player. For more skilled players, draft is definitely the better option. Yes, you have to spend 15, or FIFA points to play. However, the potential packs for winning a few games will more than cover your costs. In reality, if you win the draft mode you are looking at getting at least 50k and possibly much, much more. Offline draft mode is alternative if you would rather play AI instead.

If you are not as talented a FIFA player, the single-player season mode is also a viable option. This is because of two reasons. For those who buy the Icon or Ronaldo version of FIFA 18, you will have a 3 day jump on everyone else to play the game. These early stages of the game are huge for establishing a coin base, so the sooner you can jump in the better.

When the game is fully released, the demand for players begins to increase dramatically. Therefore, prices increase as well. If FIFA 17 is any representation, the players reach their peak about 2 weeks after the release.

Smalling and Kante are just a few of countless examples of this trend. EA released scream cards that were boosted over Halloween weekend. In FIFA 17, many investors gambled thinking their price would increase when the temporary upgrade started. Unfortunately, the opposite happened as FIFA players undercut one another when the boost began. It is unclear whether the same will happen in FIFA 18, but it is something to be aware of. While in past games we saw a sharp drop in the market in the days before this event, that was not the case with FIFA Some people think that people predicted the crash and therefore sold off their players before.

Some people think SBCs that kept the value of 83s and 84s high were the answer. As shown in the graph, there was a general decline in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

We cannot be sure if this will follow for FIFA 18, but it is something to be aware of. Each day had players that wore the number of the date. For example, on the 23rd we saw…. Special pack offerings flood the FIFA market. This caused a major crash from 52 points on January 26th to 41 points on January 29th.

Upgrades of players can affect their respective special cards if the player rating goes up enough. For example, Mertens upgrade from 83 to 85 caused an increase for each of his informs. This presents a good investing opportunity as the informs become more valuable. If you had one of these players, you saw a large rise and earned some serious profit.

Keep an eye out for this event as it draws close and you could cash in and make coins on these players as well. This was one of the big events that hit the FIFA market. The release of these cards sparked one of the biggest downward spikes that we had seen to date.

It went from 53 points on Thursday to 42 on Monday. During this event, members of the FIFA community vote for their favorite players of the season by position. An SBC could be completed for an upgraded version of those players. Xbox PS4 The reason?

February 28th — Ratings Refresh Upgrades of players can affect their respective special cards if the player rating goes up enough.