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I will have a few days of great results then a few days of negative results. I dont know if im doing something wrong or if its just because I'm inexperienced to notice small changes and indicators. Was wandering if there is anyone else who is also relatively new who would like to "work together" by sharing useful articles, educational material and analyse the markets together.

Or alternatively perhaps there is someone who is very experienced and wouldn't mind giving me some help once in a while. It is really not complicated. Pretty simple, no need golden rules for option trading get all conspiracy theory on me. Maybe I just think you suck. Hi there, ladies and gentlemen I am new to trading, only one week on real account. I spent couple of months on demo.

But, the last two days, strange things happen. I know I might sound silly, but I think that there is something with the platform, maybe some algorithms, that affect your trading. Or maybe it is just a bad time of year Hello,i'm not a fan of recommendations but Its a pity how fraudsters have flooded the trading market scamming people of their money. I have been a victim but I also found redemption with the help of James Cryso. I am sure you have all come across the phrase "I am new to binary option" so many times.

I am new, going on six weeks now. I was relying on Auto Binary Signals! I am hoping to learn from my mistakes and become a better trader. A few issues I need golden rules for option trading with. I have a spreadsheet trading diary that I have golden rules for option trading using, but it doesn't quite "fit" me.

I have not yet found a trading strategy that I am comfortable with. Any kind of help will be much appreciated. I am still have some trouble with timing my trades.

Any ideas on where to start are much appreciated. Mon Apr 9 Tokyo: Your rules for not trading on Monday on Friday are more for long term investors and not short term day trading scalpers like us binary traders.

Monday and Friday are just as good for day trading as any other, and many times have sharper moves than the average day. December edited December Transparent Binary Options trader golden rules for option trading former floor trader. Now giving signals to help people safely to make money at Signal Hive Please do not contact me to manage your account, I will never take anyone's money. You can see my live performance on Signal Hive and subscribe to me there.

You are a liar mate! LOB is the guy that made this place great! All you guys pretending to be him, well you golden rules for option trading losers who just jealous of the good man. I look at the great content and where did it come from?

Bro not even worth da time, Two fingers up to you unworthy tossers! Guys I need help. I have lost 20k following signals. Please can someone help. Blue Sky Binary Golden rules for option trading Hello Sibby, We are very sorry to hear about your experience. All is not lost, however, the first thing we advise is to stop trading as if you hand over your account to your account manager, they will blow it like they did to this victim here: Blue Sky Binary is one of the most prominent and transparent Binary Options community also rated by this forum and we can teach you how to trade yourself out of that hole.

But patience will be required. If you are looking to get out of this mess very quickly, it's not going to happen. You can trial us out for free for a week at www. Signal Hive - The No.

That could explain it. Binary options trade is considered one of the simplest methods of trading. The simplicity is often the reason for many mistakes that can cause serious losses. It is advised for the traders to follow safe trading strategies. One of the single biggest reason that binary options traders fail, especially the beginners.

The beginners get excited about the trading as it seems very simple to them and this is where they commit mistakes. Their inexperience leads to such errors. January edited January When I place 10 trades i am ok winning 7 or 8 trades most times win 9 out of the If without a strategy or a tactic to help you trade in binary options, you might as well golden rules for option trading yourself gambling.

Relying on luck is not very safe in trading binary options as it will eventually not work for you and might end up losing all of your investment. You will need a solid technique that you can use every time, which will help you make the right predictions.

Moreover, you need to employ a strategy that you understand well and which consistently increases your chances of winning. Are you having problems of withdrawing your funds from your broker? I had an issue of lost of fund of 60k but I got all my money recovered and not just recovering the money I also recovered the money with golden rules for option trading bonus. Sharing this with people out there will reduce the chances of making mistakes and as well help them recover their lost funds.

If you need my help, kindly mail golden rules for option trading at. Blue Sky Binary Thank you for tips and the diary. Golden rules for option trading edited February Good rules to live by. I broke them all. Opened a golden rules for option trading account last year.

My account manager was impressive. So I was confident enough to borrow money to put into my account. When he started back up in January, he traded crazy volume but no profits that I can withdraw. Now I'm wondering if I will be able to make payments on the loaned funds. Before he left on vacation in December, he handed me off to another manager until he got back. I decided to wait until my original manager came back. Golden rules for option trading, I'm wondering if the other guy has leverage on him and made my manager trade the way he's been trading lately out of spite.

I'm worried and don't know what to do. It is very important that you understand the assets you trade. Top investors appreciate the connections between assets and anticipate the various knockon movements. With so many assets being offered by a growing number of different platforms, it is far more advisable to specialize in a few assets than try to understand them all.

The more you learn about an asset, the more you will understand why it is moving in a particular way, making predicting its movements much easier.

Concerning the broker topic: Golden rules for option trading there any traders around here from South Africa. Hello every bodyI'm new to your forum Would anyone please tell me which Software from ebayused to record trade. Really, you shouldn't trade on currency pairs right away, first you should learn a few pairs really well and trade golden rules for option trading them, and then increase your arsenal. And in order to begin trading you need to learn to control risks, that's very important, to create rules for yourself about money management and follow them.

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Free trading systems and indicators for forex and binary options. Liraz A Complete Guide to Binary Options Trading For more free Binary Options guides see. I have to disagree that win rate is the most important performance measure.

And, in fact, a very high win rate can be misleading.