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All business activities have tax implications, and the volume handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer taxes paid has a decisive impact on corporate earnings. We specialise in tax planning for companies, business owners, investors and employees. We support firms in developing tax-efficient structures for their local and international activities. We also help our clients create tax-optimised remuneration plans and structures for financing, intellectual property and production.

In addition, our tax team represents clients in various legal matters before tax authorities, fiscal courts and other administrative and customs authorities. Gnos and Markus Vischer in: Weiss and Robert Desax in: Gnos and Thomas Meister in: Auflage, Bernepp. Auflage, Basel http: GnosJan H. Hoffmann and Alex Nikitine in: Haase Editor[s]"Taxation of International Partnerships" handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer.

Weiss and Domino Hofstetter in: Marcus Desax and Marc D. WeissUrs P. GnosThomas Meister and Luc Defferrard in: Marcus Desax Co-chair panel discussion, U. Frick and Mark A. Leasing, Factoring, Franchising"p. Introduction All business activities have tax implications, and the volume of taxes paid has a decisive impact on corporate earnings. Our key areas of activity are: We ensure that reorganisations and restructurings do not adversely impact companies' tax situations and develop practical, innovative, and tax-aligned solutions for companies in financial difficulties Financial and capital markets: We advise funds, sponsors and investors when structuring collective investment vehicles, investments, and asset management transactions with a view to tax optimisation International structuring and relocation of business functions: We have in-depth handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer in the area of tax optimisation for cross-border and multinational companies Social security benefits for employees and handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer assignees: We advise our clients on issues relating to tax and social security law when conducting cross-border business together with the lawyers from our Employment Law practice group Estate planning handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer charitable organisations: We have considerable experience in the fields of international tax and estate planning for companies and high net worth individuals VAT and customs: We ensure that the national and international VAT implications of specific transactions are identified and dealt with at an early stage and that VAT risks and costs are minimised through targeted planning Risk management and tax proceedings: We help our clients identify and handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer tax risks.

Where conflicts arise, we manage negotiations with the responsible authorities and represent the interests of our clients in disputes relating to tax law Tax legislation and lobbying: We have in-depth experience in advising clients and legislators on tax legislation, from the drafting stage through to its entry into force.

Anwendungsbeispiele aus der Schweiz Liechtenstein in international tax planning: Case studies from Switzerland Speaker: Programme "International Tax Law" Speaker: A New World Order? Switzerland will keep its attractiveness through major tax policy changes by Thierry Obrist in: LLC by Peter Hongler in: Schweizer Standards by Robert Desax in: La Position Suisse Speaker: Chance auf besseren Zugang schweizerischer Konzerne zum EU Binnenmarkt Extended exchange of information und the freedom of capital movement: Investing in Switzerland Speakers: Teil Taxation of collective capital investments and taxation of investors in collective capital investments Part Two co-authored by Maurus Winzap and Stefan Oesterhelt in: Teil Taxation of collective capital investments and taxation of investors in handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer capital investments Part Three co-authored by Maurus Winzap and Stefan Oesterhelt in: Switzerland co-authored by Thomas Meister in: Unternehmenssteuerreform II — Lohn oder Dividende?

Corporate tax reform II: Teil Taxation of collective capital investments and taxation of investors in incollective capital investments Part One co-authored by Maurus Winzap and Stefan Oesterhelt in: Handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer Page by Marcus Desax in: Taxable Consideration or Non-taxable Compensation?

Newest Developments in Tax: Where Does Switzerland Stand? Corporate Shareholders by Martin Busenhart in: Steuerrecht-Mitarbeiteroptionen On new grounds, Lex Dossier: Professional Handelskammer deutschland schweiz mehrwertsteuer Dealers — What's Next?

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