HDFC Bank increases service charge by as much as 50% on debit cards and IMPS

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Our instant payment gateway is available for around 30 banks mentioned here. You will need your internet banking ID and password for using this facility. This will cost Rs9, but will be an instant transfer of funds to your trading account. You can also write a cheque in favor of Zerodha, but the credit will be given only once the cheque has cleared and the funds have arrived into our pool account. Given below is the explanation for all the 3 processes:.

Similarly when you choose commodities and transfer funds, it can be used only for commodity. A new internet browser window will open as shown below. In the new window, choose your bank account in the first dropdown. Once chosen, it will automatically show your account number. Cross-verify if the account number is correct, if it is not get in touch with us immediately to get it resolved. If everything is all right, mention the amount you want to transfer and then click Submit. You will be now directed to your internet banking page, mention your internet bank login ID and password.

Once logged in hdfc bank current account service charges ahead and authorize the transfer. You will see the following window after you authorize the transfer.

Once you see the hdfc bank current account service charges window, click on the close button as shown and nowhere else. So watch this step carefully:. The funds are transferred and will be updated in your trading account immediately. Login to Pi and click on the Funds tab, where you will find hdfc bank current account service charges option called Payin. A new browser will open as shown below. In the new window, choose your bank account in the first dropdown as seen in the picture below.

Once chosen it will automatically show the account number, cross verify that the amount shown is correct, enter the amount you want to transfer and click on Submit. Finally you can check if the amount has been transferred by checking the Payin hdfc bank current account service charges under Cash Positions. You can also transfer funds by depositing a cheque by mentioning Zerodha account details.

NEFT can take upto 8 hours for the funds to show up. Step 2 — After this, you need to go q. Step 3 — As soon as this is done, you will have to upload a proof screen shot of bank statement mentioning the bank name and account number of the transfer carried out by you.

I checked Backoffice only Pay in option available. The payout option is available on our backoffice. To login to backoffice you will need to use ie and your backoffice login details would be on the welcome letter that you have received.

Zerodha Funds Payout System is not good. When I request to withdraw funds from my Account before 3PM even though at morning same has been either debited in equity account or credit in my Bank Account in next trading day. I was trying to sell one of my stock at some limit price and stock was at the same of my limit price but my query was not executed and then i had to sold my stock at market price and it was sold on rs and its a big loss for me.

I am attaching the screenshot. If you place an order at limit price, you get in the queue. That is how order matching on exchanges work.

Nothing Zerodha can do about it. Thanks for the quick response but hdfc bank current account service charges have other hdfc bank current account service charges account but i never get the same problem with other traders i dont know what is wrong with the Zerodha and one more thing i will add here your execution of order is very poor i. Sachin, It is not possible to transfer funds from equity to commodity accounts. SEBI guidelines expressly state that a broker cannot transfer funds from equity to commodity accounts.

To transfer funds from your equity account to the commodity account, you have to withdraw the funds first and then transfer to your commodity account. Dear Nithin, In such case Either bank nor Zerodha is charging twice as a Fund transfer charges from the customer. Here again there is a payment gateway charges applicable. How to hdfc bank current account service charges this. If you want instant credit, you have to pay the nominal charges of Rs.

When I pointed out that hdfc bank current account service charges is not returning calls inspite of mentioned urgent, his response is very casual. I need a change in relationship manager. I am having this checked. Kamath Request you to kindly mention the area pin code of the bank branches. Bank details should contain area pin code. I think its must. I am tensed and need a fund for trading thank you.

Do sent that email out and we will sort it out as soon as possible. It will help it to be credited faster to your trading account otherwise it will happen in any case. Lets say I tranfer to my trading account using payment gateway, will there be any optios like payment type to be choosen as settlement or margin?

I mean in Kotak securities we have this option, if we select Settlement type then the money transfered will remain in the trading account. If we select Margin type then the money comes abck to my bank account after end of trading day.

All the brokers who are also banks have an advantage mainly with the ease in which you can move money around. All the money you transfer gets moved to your margin account itself, you can use this across equity exchanges and segments trading on them. No need of transferring them separately. I trade daily in options and equities, mostly options. The amount is automatically settled to the same bank account linked, by next day morning before trading hours begin.

Does it do automatically or should I raise a request explicitly? If it is automatically do the amount get credited to my bank account the next day before trading hours? If it is based on explicit request, should I raise it daily or will the funds be transferred to my account only I raise request? If the funds are transferred only after raising request, till what duration the funds can be maintained in zerodha account? You will have to transfer funds from your bank account to your Zerodha trading account.

To withdraw the funds you will have to place hdfc bank current account service charges withdrawal request. You can keep the funds for as long as you wish to in your trading account.

I have transferred 1,00, to Zerodha account from Axis Bank net banking. I have sent n number of mails, but of no use. I have been a trader with zerodha since Karan, your feedback is essential for us to improve our offering.

Hi sir, Somewhere you have mention 30 banks, somewhere 20 banks but hdfc bank current account service charges I have Bank OF Baroda account.

Can I do instant transfer? Presently there are 19 banks available and more are on the waiting list. Visit this list for the banks available for instant transfer presently: Hdfc bank current account service charges sir, I want to know process for payout, and how much time it will take for fund Payout.

And what is cut off time for process the request on same day. VMG, the cut off time is 7. If you put the payout request after this, it will be processed only the next day. If you have HDFC bank it will be in your bank the same night and if others latest by next day evening.

You can call Saranraj, we are adding more banks to this list, but for now if you are using Canara Bank, you can do an NEFT transfer. My account got created today. I tried to do pay inbut it says URL not found in the ini file? How to fix this? Using the payin option in ZT, what is the maximum amount i can fetch from my bank account to trading account in 1 day. You can get your bank account to increase the limit for you.

I made NEFT transfer yesterday morning and amount has not yet been credited onto my trading account. I called up number as mentioned above in one of the replies and shared all information in regards to fund transfer i. Transaction reference number etc. I was assured that this would happen quick enough but unfortunately it has not happened yet It is more than 24 hours now. You can send the snapshot in the same email. Thanks for the prompt reply. When I logged onto my account at 9.

Zerodha would love to enable IMPS on your trading account so you can transfer funds without any problem using your mobile phone. However, this is not entirely under our control as we depend on third-party fund hdfc bank current account service charges gateways right now. Right now around 20 banks are enabled through our third-party payment gateway service.

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You are not logged on. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account. Subsequent transactions will be charged Rs. Use of Debit card at petrol pumps will attract a surcharge of 2. This facility requires separate registration. On registering for Internet Banking Service, the Customer will be provided with third party pre-designated and non designated limits.

Account closure charges or account closure notice period will be not applicable in this case. Applicable taxes will be charged on all our fees and charges. Please click here for details. Update Aadhaar — Personal account holders New. Marginal cost of funds based lending rates MCLR. Locate Us on SMS. Had a great experience - tell us about it.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism - Demat Account holders. Grievance Redressal Mechanism - Others. Nomination Facility - FAQs. List of Inoperative Accounts.

Bank Accounts - Service Charges and Fees. Per transaction limit for cash withdrawal at other bank ATMs in India. Currency Conversion Mark-up International transactions. Demand Drafts on other banks at non-branch locations.