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These are accepted all over the world. All you need is a Passport, Visa or ticket. Once activated, the card can be used at any international location for making payments at POS terminals or to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Usage of the card is not allowed in India, Nepal and Bhutan. The transaction amount is deducted from the available balance on the ForexPlus card. Irrespective of the currency loaded on the card, the cash will be dispensed based on the currencies supported at the ATMs.

The ForexPlus card is available in 10 currencies. This means that you can load the card with any of these 10 currencies mentioned below. When you sign up for the card, you load the card with the currency of your choice. You can load the card with any of the 10 currencies. This means that you the exchange rates are already locked hdfc forex bank dubai customer care contact number and in the future when you use the currencies, you are not subject to foreign exchange fluctuations as the rates for your currencies are pre-locked.

However, if you use a different currency than these three then you are subject to foreign exchange rates. The insurance coverage offered with the card is as follows:.

You can easily add currency to your wallet, or transfer the balance from one currency wallet to another using prepaid net banking facility. You can authorize someone in your family to reload your card. All they have to do is go to the bank and get your card reloaded. The bank sends SMS alerts to your domestic as well as international registered numbers along with email alerts for every activity purchase, withdrawal, fund transfer, hotlisting, etc.

Thus, it is easy to keep track of your expenses and account balance. This will help you plan your holiday better and prevent you from over-spending. Prepaid Forex cards are a great way to carry money in multiple currencies when you go abroad for a holiday.

In this day and age, cards have become commonplace and are used for shopping, at restaurants, and for almost all types of purchases. However, you should not rely on cards totally. It is advisable to carry some amount of cash with you whenever you go abroad for a holiday.

You never know when the cash may come in handy. Your card is hdfc forex bank dubai customer care contact number by a PIN which means that no one else can use your card. Only after you enter the PIN will you be able to withdraw cash. The exchange rates are fixed at the time of loading the card with the currency. Thus, in the future when you use the card, you are not affected by exchange rate fluctuations. However, if you had cash with you and wanted to exchange it, the exchange rate would have been much higher.

HDFC Bank does not impose any usage limit on the card. In such a case, you can try doing multiple transactions if you want to withdraw a higher amount. Just make sure that you are using the card for currencies that are hdfc forex bank dubai customer care contact number loaded on your card. If you use it for other hdfc forex bank dubai customer care contact number then certain charges may be applicable.

Cross-currency transaction done through Dynamic Currency Conversion attracts currency charges at applicable rates. Another problem with such as transaction is that you will be affected by fluctuations in currency exchange rates. The best part is that your card is pre-approved for e-commerce transactions. After authorization of your card, you will be able to make the payment. The ForexPlus Chip card should not be used towards temporary charge blocks — e.

Whenever you reload the card with currency after your initial load you will be charged Rs. If you have to reissue the card due to some reason you will be charged Rs. The ATM cash withdrawal fee, balance enquiry fee, and charge slip retrieval fee is different for every currency. All the three fees are described in the table below.

Please note that it is better to avoid using the card for any currency that is not loaded on the card. This is because if you use the card for a hdfc forex bank dubai customer care contact number currency then cross-currency charges will apply and you will also become prone to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

There are no special offers on the ForexPlus card. Standard Chartered Bank Multicurrency Forex Card is a great forex card which can make your travel hassle-free. With the Standard Chartered Multicurrency Forex card, you can load up to 20 currencies in one card and travel hassle free across the globe.

The issuance of the Standard Chartered Multicurrency card is Rs. With the Standard Chartered Forex card, you get personal accident insurance cover death cover only up to Rs.

The card also offers a lot of other benefits and features which make it a good forex card. All the major currencies of the world are available on the card which means that hdfc forex bank dubai customer care contact number can travel anywhere on the globe hassle-free with this card.

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