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The so-called greatest free-agent class ever took a hit when Charlie Blackmon signed a long-term deal to remain with the Colorado Rockies rather than hit free agency after this season, but it's still a deep class with lots of volume -- if now slightly less star power.

Throughout the season, we'll take a peek at the some of those pending free agents, how they're trending and any buzz that might be out there. We're only a couple weeks into the season, so let's start with an overview of some of the more interesting players who might hit the market. By playing like Harper has so far. He's locked in, hitting.

This is the Harper we saw for six months in What's left to prove: That he can do it for a full season. He got off to a similar start in Aprilwhen he hit nine home runs, only to play through some shoulder issues and how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 with a.

Oh, and a playoff series win wouldn't hurt. What's interesting is the usual big spenders might not be involved. The Red Sox have three good outfielders plus J. The Dodgers might have to worry about first re-signing Clayton Kershaw.

That's why many believe Harper ultimately ends up back in D. Nationals, Cubs, Phillies, Giants, Dodgers. Don't sleep on the Giants. He's off to a good start after posting career lows in average. He can handle third base or shortstop, giving him two position options in free agency though it obviously seems that he would prefer to remain at shortstop in the future.

Come to play every night. His walk rate fell from 9. So far, it's back up again, a good sign that he's more focused every at-bat. Don't assume he's going to the Yankees, as they like young third baseman Miguel Andujarthey traded for Brandon Drury, and Didi Gregorius is still under control through Of course, with the Orioles off to a slow start, the Machado trade rumors will intensify sooner rather than later. There is some minor concern about his fastball velocity, which has averaged It could be nothing; it's only three games.

Plus, he's a guy who has relied on three plus pitches, command, expert "tunneling" and that deceptive delivery more so than pure velocity. His back issues always linger in the background, so making 30 starts after missing time each of the past two seasons would make the Dodgers -- or somebody else -- a little more comfortable offering him a long-term deal.

It's hard to envision Kershaw going anywhere but the Dodgers, but he'll almost certainly opt out of how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 remaining two seasons on his current deal … which means seeing what might be out there. Donaldson began how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 year with a weird dead arm that caused him to chunk a couple throws to first base and end up DHing for a week, but he's back at the hot corner.

Few players have matched his value on the field over the past five seasons in fact, only Mike Trout has a higher WAR among position playersbut since he's a late bloomer, Donaldson isn't hitting free agency until he's He has to show that he can still play at an MVP-caliber level to give teams confidence that they can get at least three or four more great seasons from him. With his athleticism and intensity, I do think he'll age maybe akin to a guy such as Jeff Kent, who was productive through age The Blue Jays are more likely than the Orioles to remain in the playoff chase and also are more likely to re-sign their free agent, how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 Donaldson is far less likely to get traded than Machado.

As for free agency, one idea: Donaldson to the Angels, with Zack Cozart sliding over to second base to replace Ian Kinsler who is a free agent. After last season's elbow issues and run-ins with the media, Price came out firing, with two scoreless outings to start the season while throwing his cutter a lot more often.

A rough inning Wednesday that he exited with what appears to be a non-serious hand injury make Price's start tougher to judge, but the signs of a return to being the David Price of old are still there. He averaged innings per season from to and led the AL with in in his first season with Boston.

Corbin has a 2. He has increased the usage of his slider from 38 percent to 47 percent, and the miss rate has gone from 45 to 65 percent. Can the new approach, which includes more sinkers, continue to work as batters make some adjustments? Corbin turns 29 in July, so he'll be younger than most pitchers when they reach free agency.

He does have a Tommy John surgery in his past, but left-handers with plus stuff don't come around too often. Right now, just about anybody. His price goes up if he continues to pitch this well.

He had good results his first start and poor results his second start. In watching both games, I can't say the stuff in either outing was particularly impressive. His fastball has been Again, it's early, and both games were in cold weather. Nationals Scott Boras connection! He's had a couple walk-off hits for the Giants, but his overall line is a blah.

He'll be 32 entering free agency. It was in that he posted a. At his age, he's not going to get a huge payday or long-term contract. He isn't a center fielder anymore. That means his bat is going to have to carry him. At that money, it puts a lot of teams in play.

Miller turns 33 in May, but his ability to go more than three outs -- especially in the postseason -- might make him the guy everybody wants.

He did miss some time in with knee tendinitis, how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 his K rate was down a bit last season It's possible that will prove to be his peak.

Relievers were the one group that was in demand this past offseason. Even though there's a glut of them hitting the market, that should be the case again. Miller will likely get to pick his destination, and his choice could depend on whether he wants to close. He has been a slow starter the past couple seasons, finishing with a flourish both years -- 23 home runs the final two months of and 17 last season -- but he's off to a hot start, with four home runs and an OPS just over 1.

He has perfected his pull-happy, high launch angle swing to hit 76 home runs from to Like others in their early 30s, Dozier needs to show no signs of decline.

He'll be 31 when he hits free agency. Everyone how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 power these days, but not everyone has a power-hitting second baseman.

Defensive shifting has allowed teams to worry less about range at second base, so Dozier should be able to remain there well into his 30s. He'll be in demand. We use cookies to offer an improved online experience. By clicking "OK" without changing your settings you are giving your consent to receive cookies.

Tracking the so-called greatest free-agent class ever 10h David Schoenfield. Bad blood brewing after Wednesday's bevy of brawls 18h David Schoenfield. Which hot starts in the standings should you take seriously? From here to the Hall: Predicting 40 active players who will wind up in Cooperstown 3d David Schoenfield. Amazing Shohei Ohtani ups the ante again 4d David Schoenfield. What the heck is Gabe Kapler doing now? A healthier Mets team has only good problems to solve, for a change 7d David Schoenfield.

Want to be entertained? The most exciting teams, players and themes of the season 8d David Schoenfield. What's next for Shohei Ohtani after how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 off Corey Kluber? Chuck Nazty is staying put: What Charlie Blackmon's deal says about free agency 8d David Schoenfield. Dial Ohtani-mania up a notch after his how to trade stock options part 2 of 5 home run 9d David Schoenfield.

Shohei Ohtani provides a taste of why the hype was legit 11d David Schoenfield.

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