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Higher level Calculus optionMay Paper 3 9 comments. It was unduly difficult and missed off huge chunks of the syllabus. You can see question 5 posted above.

I work through the solution to this in the next post. This is so far off the syllabus as to be well into undergraduate maths. The examiners completely abandoned their remit to produce a test of the syllabus content — and instead decided that a one hour exam was the time to introduce extensions to that syllabus, whilst virtually ignoring all the core content of the course.

As was using it to find the limit of a fraction. Part c requires use of Lagrange error — which students find difficult and forms a very small part of the course. If this was the upper level of the challenge in the paper then fair enough, but it was far from it. This has never been asked before on any ib hl maths calculus option trading, there is no guidance in the syllabus, there was no support in the specimen paper and most textbooks do not cover this in any detail. This seems like an all or nothing question — students will either get 7 or 0 on this question.

Part c for an extra 3 marks seems completely superfluous. This really should have been nowhere near the exam. Ib hl maths calculus option trading 14 marks this accounted for nearly a quarter of ib hl maths calculus option trading exam.

All of these went pretty much unassessed. Even the assessment of alternating series convergence was buried inside question 5 — making is effectively inaccessible to all students. The last 20 marks on the paper will probably be completely useless — separating no students at all. This then produces huge unpredictability as dropping marks might take from from a level 5 to level 3 or level 6 to level 4. At various times throughout the year I joke with my students about how the HL Mathematics examiners must be like a group of comic book villains sitting in a lair, devising new ways to form cruel questions to make students suffer and this exam leads me to believe that this is not too far fetched of a concept.

And I would tend to agree. However I no longer have any confidence in the IB or the IB examiners to ib hl maths calculus option trading a fair test to examine this content.

Many other HL teachers feel the same way. So what choice is left? Abandon the Calculus option and start again from scratch with another option? Or continue to put our trust in the IB, when they continue to let teachers and more importantly ib hl maths calculus option trading students down? Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson.

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September 30, in Uncategorized Tags: Calculus option , ib HL. These include both videos teaching the course content and also worked past paper solutions. Hopefully this should make what is a demanding unit a little bit more manageable. Improper integrals, Comparison test, Riemann sums, divergence test, comparison test, limit comparison test, alternating series test, absolute convergence, power series, Ratio test.

You can find all the playlists for the: HL core maths content here. SL maths here Studies maths here. Comments feed for this article. March 2, at 5: For people struggling with math I created powerful derivative calculator in addition to steps derivative can be evaluted at point and integral calculator with steps shown.

Also, I looked for good free online graphing calculator, but all they lack customization, so I created another one. You can check them out here: Graphing calculator — http: And general page with all calculators is http: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Calculus Option Part 1: Calculus Option Part 2: Calculus Option Part 3: Calculus Option Part 4: Power series, Taylor and Maclaurin series, Other playlists You can find all the playlists for the: Website Stats 4,, views. Recent Posts Modelling tides: How to Avoid The Troll: Either way, have a great day!

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