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Back inMcPartland argued that clearing for NDFs would bring with it initial margin requirements that would fundamentally change the economics of the product and that a shift towards futures trading was inevitable, pointing out that FX futures listed imm fx options brokers the exchanges were nothing less than IMM quarterly dated NDFs with a set of notional per contract.

Today, he says, while there is no sign that NDF and options volumes are declining, imm fx options brokers uncleared margin requirements and Basel III rules starting to take effect, clearing of those contracts is beginning to rise despite a lack of regulatory mandate. So too did McPartland predict that imm fx options brokers would create more customisable contracts, to fulfil the need for costeffective hedging, such as monthly futures and products similar to those developed at Eris Exchange for interest rate swap futures.

With record levels of participation, shown by the large number of open interest holders, CME Group made a significant expansion to its FX offering with the launch of FX monthly futures contracts, providing FX market participants with access to the front months of imm fx options brokers FX forward imm fx options brokers with the capital and operational benefits of trading listed futures.

This combines as much flexibility as possible, with the cost benefits of trading on-exchange. FX monthly futures will be offered on six currency pairs where CME Group already offers quarterly futures: For each currency pair an additional three monthly contracts will be listed at any given time resulting in four consecutive months of monthly expiries. The first serial listed was the April contract. He adds that demand is coming from different sectors looking to trade FX futures. Buy-side participants have said that because imm fx options brokers constraints in the OTC market particularly with regard to credit and the uncleared margin rules taking effect, they would like to trade futures but would like greater granularity in terms of dates.

Also, forward traders at banks are increasing looking to trade futures; these additional contracts offer an imm fx options brokers to trade both spreads and outrights. This way, the delta-hedged transaction reduces execution risk allowing for deeper and more stable liquidity. By quoting the standard CME expiration contracts in annualised implied volatility terms, market participants exchange a standard option in premium and a delta hedge in the standard underlying future.

While a lot of the non-bank market makers, and some of the banks, trade in the premium market, much of the OTC market trades in volatility terms, and most of the market, on the OTC side, is priced in volatility terms. Given FX options are one of the FX products impacted the greatest, we thought it would be a good idea to launch volatilityquoted options to make it easier for OTC participants to trade on-exchange. The true innovation behind the launch is the link CME has made between its premium-quoted market into its volatility-quoted market, using triangulation, with imm fx options brokers futures making up the third point in the triangle.

This means the VQO markets can benefit from existing liquidity in the PQO markets; one price can be implied into another, which will kick-start the marketplace and allow the two pools of liquidity to interact with each other. By enabling participants to trade the volatility-quoted option and a future at the same time, which is the delta hedge, all three marketplaces interact with each other, all on the same nextgeneration matching engine.

The introduction of triangulation at the exchange is a significant step as it goes further than simply creating exchange-traded products that mimic the OTC conventions by bringing the two markets together to create a new hybrid product. FX futures and options are fully integrated into Eurex Clearing Prisma, its portfolio-based margining tool.

Eurex Clearing Prisma calculates imm fx options brokers risks across all derivatives markets cleared by Eurex Clearing and enables cross margining imm fx options brokers products within individual asset classes. Last September, the exchange extended its listed FX Futures and Options portfolio to include six new currency pairs, now covering 7 of the G10 currency pairs, while the overall minimum block trade sizes was reduced across all currency pairs to further improve hedging opportunities.

We appreciate that we have effectively re-launched some of the existing products but imm fx options brokers feel that we have the right approach this time round and are ready to move this forward. We have listened to what our members have said they want and hopefully come back with products that match their needs. Bartholomew confirms that some new initiatives and products are in the pipeline for the first half of this year, one of imm fx options brokers is the move to 23 hour trading of FX futures to bring the exchange in line with the rest of the market, when margining will be calculated in a near real-time basis, the other a wholly new FX product — an exchange-traded Rolling Spot Future, an industry first, that imm fx options brokers closely mimic and mirror the OTC market.

Further product development will come on the back of this. Imm fx options brokers plan is to build momentum and then from there bring new products on board in a timely fashion. We need to get to market with what is in the pipeline first, build liquidity and imm fx options brokers share and then look to adding new products. Marc Millington-Buck, Head of International FX Business at Moscow Exchange, says that the most important factors attracting greater interest in the exchange imm fx options brokers access to the dominant, and highly liquid, ruble FX market and the reduction of counterparty and settlement risks.

Turnover in the new instruments exceeded RUB 62 billion. Currency pairs launched in also thrived. To unify collateral calculations, interest risk will be considered for TOM positions and margin requirements will be issued for overnight swaps similar to long-term swaps. Inwe will seek to further facilitate cost reduction for participants with the development of clearing services such as single collateral pool, unification of clearing processes and assets acceptable as collateral.

Many of them are already trading either equityindex futures or commodities futures and swaps on our platform — they are the most natural users of our FX contracts. SGX is focused on enhancing price discovery in Asian FX derivatives, and has now introduced 15 listed futures and two listed options contracts. This innovative approach allows for finer hedging and Lam says it is one of the approaches the exchange is taking to adapt to the evolving needs of traders.

The exchange is also working with market participants to offer margin offsets for their transactions through appropriate risk-based margining, thereby reducing the cost of trading and SGX is one of the first exchanges to offer cross margining between FX derivatives and equityindex derivatives products.

Pilot trades have been executed and imm fx options brokers launch is imminent. It has also made it possible to offer other listed asset classes such as commodities and equity-index futures on the same platform.

SGX was also one of the first exchanges to begin clearing for FX. Lam says the exchange expects growth in OTC NDF clearing to increase over time, as market participants find ways to comply with mandatory margining and capital requirements that have become more stringent, while exchange-traded FX products can provide a platform for parties seeking enhanced price transparency for their standardised transactions.

From 1 Marchall firms with uncleared OTC portfolios must exchange variation margin daily, which is quite new for imm fx options brokers users of OTC products.

The imm fx options brokers to exchange initial margin is being made mandatory in stages over time until September The regulatory and capital benefits of trading listed products have become more pronounced. This is attractive to all participants so we expect our distribution to continue to grow. This provides a venue for investors to directly trade the crosses and diversify their FX strategy. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorisation by ASP Media Ltd.

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