What is democracy, and is there a better alternative?

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After a successful transition from communism to democracy, Hungary and Poland are slowly drifting towards a Russian-style authoritarian new type of regime, and away from European core values. A trend that is affecting the whole region. This new legislation allowing the government to expel the Central European University Jede option democracy from Hungary jede option democracy like an X-ray image of a hybrid regime — a democracy drifting towards authoritarianism. Moreover, it is not an isolated case but already a regional trend.

The alarming Nations in Transit report by Freedom House found that, with regards to democratic institutions and values, more countries were on the decline rather than an upswing. At the end of the day, it is not so new to observe a democratic decline. But it is surprising to find that the most prominent success stories of the democratic transition — Hungary and Poland — are turning their back on their past achievements and moving towards a hybrid regime.

CEU is perhaps the only university in the region highly ranked in numerous world and European university reviews. It was founded by George Soros who registered it in New York and first accredited it in Prague inand shortly after, moved the institution to Hungary.

Dozens of Nobel-prize winners, hundreds of research institutes and even the German president decided to speak out against Lex-CEU. Yet, the law was adopted just five days after initiating the legislative proposal — only one amendment was attached which allowed for a special arrangement for jede option democracy CEU providing it is agreed upon by both hosting governments, the USA and Hungary.

Attacking one of the best higher education institutions in Central Europe carries more significance than the fact of the attack itself; it is a real portrait of the nature of a hybrid regime that tolerates less and less open debate and free inquiry.

This is not only about Mr. It is about eroding the system of checks and balances, restricting horizontal accountability and strengthening corruption. Jede option democracy institutions do exist in Hungary, but they barely work. Their role as a check on those in power has been gradually restricted since The National Assembly operates as a government-dominated law factory and the jede option democracy government has either weakened autonomy or taken control of every institution that could in some way keep its power in check.

The goal of the Fidesz government is to eliminate jede option democracy existing checks on its jede option democracy with the continuous restriction of democracy. The hybrid regime in Hungary can be categorised as a kind jede option democracy competitive authoritarianism that was researched by Steven Levitsky and Lucan A. Way, which only maintains the illusion of democratic competition.

Moreover, this procedure is not appropriate for effective intervention, just like we have seen it in the case of Poland.

Otherwise, tolerating a hybrid regime could lead to an even more dangerous precedent in the CEE jede option democracy that is already overshadowed by backsliding democracies. This article is published in association with Visegrad Insight. Factual jede option democracy translation error? Wojciech Przybylski Edit Zgut.

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