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Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: I decided to start this thread to publish the results of Mike Freeman's Signal Group on a daily basis. So starting as from today the info is compiled of the previous trading day signals. Let's see what the results are. You guys can comment on anything if you want to.

Let me know what you guys think or any suggestions you might have for this thread. You are most welcome. So - here goes Trading Signals and Results for Wednesday 10 December 1. If price is below If price is below 1. If price is above 0. December edited December I did really pay much attention to the trades he sent today but i am almost positive i could not trade at least two because when i received they were already over the the suggested entry points significantly. Do you know guy's actually emailed Michael Freeman 2 days ago regarding joining his auto trader.

Amazingly enough had a email back in about 2 minutes saying do this do that etc, now i very nearly signed up straight away but thought no google him for some feedback and came across you guy's with your review and to be honest was very surprised with how negative you were as he is pretty "high profile" in this business. So away i michael freeman binary options signals review binary trading options and cryptocurrency trading opti thinking what now I know i'll give him a chance to clear his name so emailed back 3 times asking the relevant questions with no reply so pm messaged him on facebook still no reply then tonight noticed he was on facebook and messaged him directly on his site to say no reply from numerous emails etc please message me.

Went back on to try and get on his facebook page and surprise surprise not allowed Conclusion a total Wa. If it was me I would do a chargeback so fast your head would spin! Brokers hate charge backs but in this case its well deserved!

JAZZ - thank you for your post! I am aware of what you are saying. I will keep accurate record of it. Will not count as a win or a loss. Trading Signals and Results for Thursday 11 December 1. If price is above 1. Please if you can post it as TEXT or image attachment and not a file as you have multiple IPs and there is a HACKER going around so we have to be careful, not to say anything you are doing is malicous in nature as both IPs are from near the same origin so please don't be insulted.

We just need to be safe here. Thanks for your help! Enimen would be proud! I have confirmed this with others. Let's see what the new week brings - otherwise I will have to go to plan B. Someone has mentioned to me that it is strange that there was not any signals - normally if there would not be any "trading" then we will be informed beforehand. I share the same feeling with this person that maybe Freeman was so involved with his emails to Lotz that he forgot to trade.

Trading Signals and Results for Monday 15 December 1. If price is above Leaving aside the issue that Michael's results are poor regardless, the issue of "No Trades" is an inherent drawback of any signal service, however good and I've tried a ton before realising that the only way to trade is to learn to do it yourself.

The biggest problem to profitability is that you can ALWAYS get in at the recommended entry michael freeman binary options signals review binary trading options and cryptocurrency trading opti on a losing trade but only some of the time on a winning trade - so your results will always be worse than those advertised by the signal provider.

I applaud your efforts michael freeman binary options signals review binary trading options and cryptocurrency trading opti this! Will be following, Regards Paul. Way to keep consistent! Just once again shows this guy is no Trader or Mentor Mike the Pike r The Average Stats stays the same. There is still to date no published results of this service - it does not exist at all. If I am wrong - then somebody please help me. TBOA - thank you for your kind post sir. You are very welcome.

Anyone reading this - You are seeing a publication of this service results for the first time here on binaryoptions. Trading Signals and Results for Tuesday 16 December 1.

IF I get a reply I'll let you all know. I'm sorry that you have made a loss tonyhawley. You have at least not lost your whole invested amount like many other people.

IF you do get a reply - it will be awesome if you will let us know. On these forums everybody has a fair chance to bring their side of the story. Even Michael Freeman himself. I have lost about usd on Michaels signals and i have bean follow him since the start of his signal with a demo account and he has nerver been profitable. And i have also tryd Pauls one click auto trader and that even worst.

They are big scammers. Great idea thanks MIKE! Oh by the way here is something you will never be able to get daily Mike, done by a professional trader day after day. Thanks again for your posting the results Raiden great job! The fun part is that michael said Before he strat his auto trader that there are no auto trader that works and will never bee.

Dont remeber what video it was but he has it on youtube. That is because Auto Traders are based on linear logic and the markets are non-linear in nature kind of think of it this way. The market is like a weather system sometimes its raining sometimes snowing, sunny, windy ect ect. So what do you do under different weather conditions you dress and react accordingly right. If raining you grab an umbrella raincoat if sunny shorts and sunglasses. Now a bot of any kind can't tell the weather and just dresses as its told to and hopes the weather is the right kind.

This is why a good technical trader reacts to the current prevailing market conditions, example I am using my bots less and trading indicators more I am trading more turbo options and less longer expires due to the movements I am seeing and because that is where the money is so its a snow coat and rubber boots for me for now Oh and bots also RUST in bad weather michael freeman binary options signals review binary trading options and cryptocurrency trading opti Thank you so much for sharing, but it michael freeman binary options signals review binary trading options and cryptocurrency trading opti too late for me I guess.

Are there any good strategies that can make that comeback possible without losing money? Thank you for all your comments guys. The trades are not from the AutoTrader. Just wanted to clear that issue if anyone was perhaps under that impression. Trading Signals and Results for Wednesday 17 December 1. How do you have so much money to trade with Raiden? You rich or something? LOL krchmar - Rich? That will depend on what a persons definition will be of being rich.

Thank you for your contribution and welcome to Binaryoptions. Trading Signals and Results for Thursday 18 December 1. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 4 4 Guests.

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