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The Group was formed from several individual markets, some of them dating from the Middle Ages. The origins of the Bolsa de Madrid can be traced to the 14th and 15th centuries with the Lonjas, the first commodity exchanges in Spain where local merchants could meet to opciones trading high iq adjusting grain, wool, silk and other commodities and the Juros Reales, government bonds issued in guarantee of a debt or loan, usually requested by the King.

Bolsa de Madrid was established in For more than a century opciones trading high iq adjusting mainly traded fixed income instruments. From the s equity trading on the Exchange increased in importance and today Bolsa de Madrid is mainly an equity exchange. The roots of the Bolsa de Barcelona go back to the emergence of commodity exchanges at the time of the Commercial Revolution in Catalonia.

The Ordinacions promulgated by King James I in is the oldest and most complete text regulating the role of the mercantile mediator.

Towards the middle of the nineteenth century, with the industrial boom and the birth of the first Catalan corporations, trading in securities started, with an active market in Barcelona where the role of opciones trading high iq adjusting mediators was carried out by Corredores Reales, forerunners of the later Agentes de Cambio y Bolsa stockbrokers.

The Official Stock Exchange was created in Bolsa de Bilbao was founded in July The founders of the Bolsa de Bilbao were entrepreneurs, representatives of the economic sectors linked to industry, trade and business in general. Although Bolsa de Valencia is the youngest of the Spanish stock exchanges, its roots go back to when the Consulat del Mar Sea Consulate was founded.

Bolsa de Valencia became an opciones trading high iq adjusting stock exchange in It involved the setting up of a modern structure for the securities market, linking Spanish exchanges to a single electronic order book SIBEchanging membership requirements, developing a clearing and settlement house, and establishing a supervisory authority CNMV. These important reforms led to the opciones trading high iq adjusting of the other companies of BME. The system began operations in June Clearing and settlement systems in Spain were managed by two different entities until It brings together, under a single opciones trading high iq adjusting, decision-making and coordination unit, the Spanish equity, fixed-income and derivatives markets opciones trading high iq adjusting their clearing and settlement systems.

BME Group also comprises BME Market Data -the primary source for BME's trading venues' data- Visual Trader - provider of automatic order routing systems - Instituto BME -BME's centre for financial education- Latibex - Multilateral Trading Facility for Latin American securities traded in Euros - and MAB, a Multilateral Trading Facility supervised by the CNMV whose primary aim is to offer an organised system of trading, settlement, clearing and registration of trades in shares and other securities of collective investment institutions CIIs ; securities and instruments issued or linked to small caps; other securities or instruments that, by nature, require a special trading scheme.

The supervisory and sanction function is the responsibility of an administrative body CNMV, the Spanish Securities Exchange Commissionwhich is the competent authority for that opciones trading high iq adjusting, while the exchanges opciones trading high iq adjusting the market and carry out primary surveillance.

In the case of Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia, their respective autonomous governments have some responsibilities. Additionally, the Bank of Spain has surveillance authority over the public debt markets. In the Equity Marketan electronic trading platform SIBE accessed by the four stock exchanges operates a single equities market, based on an order-driven structure, with a single order book and a matching procedure based on price-time priority. A call market Fixing is also operated for less liquid stocks, with two daily auctions.

More than shares are traded in the main market. Latibex, also operated on the electronic trading system, is the first market in euros for Latin American shares. This market, created infacilitates European investment in Latin America as well as access to the European capital market for Latin American companies.

Other products, such as warrants, are also traded in SIBE, utilising particular matching procedures for this sort of instrument. The Derivatives Market's main activity is the trading, clearing and settlement of futures and options contracts on the equity index IBEX 35, on equities and on the Spanish year Notional Bond. The market has members amongst the main banks and savings institutions. Fixed Income instruments are traded on different platforms. Most of the volume is traded in the dealers market AIAF, which is an official financial market under Spanish law.

It operates a quote-driven system. The Fixed Income Market is an organised secondary market, with members including the main banks opciones trading high iq adjusting brokers. The platform is designed to serve the specificities and needs of the retail opciones trading high iq adjusting securities listed on AIAF.

This is an all to all market model segment where Market Members can quote on own account and on behalf their customers. It is neutral with respect to the debt market, since its legal status prevents it from taking a position and it is subject to the supervision of the CNMV securities markets commission and of the Bank of Spain. The main European banks are among the clients of the market and it has terminals in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Milan as well as Spain.

The market has an automatic connection with Iberclear, the clearing and settlement system, and the CCP for repos operations.

The public debt secondary market is not only carried out in SENAF, but also in a first tier through official market members and a bilateral trading system among public debt account holders supported by the Bank of Spain's settlement service SLBE.

Note that detailed information on derivatives trading hours is provided in sections "Futures contracts" and "Options contracts" below. It is a traded index, comprising the 35 most liquid stocks traded on the SIBE electronic order book trading system. Both price and total return series are calculated on a real-time basis. IBEX 35 Short index series include double, triple and quintuple inverse exposure. IBEX 35 Leverage index series include double, triple and quintuple exposure. It is free-float adjusted.

The FTSE LatibexBrasil index is the only euro-denominated tradable index covering Brazilian stocks and ranks the 10 most liquid Brazilian shares listed on Latibex by free-float adjusted market cap. These companies are working towards environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders and upholding and supporting universal human rights.

IGBM is the general index with regard to shares listed on the Bolsa de Madrid, grouped by industry sectors. The Bilbao index tracks the performance of the 50 most liquid stocks of the Spanish capital market.

It is a price index and groups shares in terms of economic sectors. It is adjusted by opciones trading high iq adjusting paid. Ordinary shares, preference shares, rights, warrants, certificates, fixed income, public debt and ETFs.

Spanish public debt bonds, strips, repos on public bonds, Treasury bills, government guaranted bonds. SIBE allows the opciones trading high iq adjusting of the four Spanish stock exchanges, providing a single integrated order book. Since Septemberfloor trading open outcry pits have been transferred to an electronic trading pit environment. A company cannot be traded on both SIBE and the trading opciones trading high iq adjusting.

The Spanish equity market is an order-driven market with prices up to four decimal places. Shares are grouped in different categories with specific trading mechanisms aimed at addressing the particular characteristics of the various stocks.

During this period, the order book is partially visible and orders can be entered, altered or cancelled but no trades can be executed. All opciones trading high iq adjusting days' orders remaining in the order book and entered during the Opening Auction opciones trading high iq adjusting. There is a second random end period to prevent market manipulation. When it ends, the allotment period begins, during which the shares included in orders subject to execution at the fixed auction price are traded.

During the allotment period, orders cannot be entered, altered or cancelled. Once the shares are allotted, members receive information on the total or partial execution of their orders. All non-executed orders in the allotment period remain on the order book. The market is informed of the opening price, trading volume, time of each trade and the identity of the trading members. After this, the market is open. On special occasions, the opening auction may be extended.

The session ends with a 5-minute auction with the same characteristics as the opening auction and a second random closing period. The price resulting from this auction is the closing price of the session. The random series that indicates the end is not known beforehand or detectable. During this period, orders can be entered, altered or cancelled, with trading taking place at the price fixed according to the open market's matching rules, generally in accordance with the priority established by price and time of order entry criteria.

The order book is open and available to all market members buying and selling member codes are shown. While the market is open, trades are matched. During the open market period auctions can be automatically activated on the basis of stock volatility and price swings based on a double range dynamic and static. SIBE provides a facility to deal with large volumes of shares during the open market phase by means of a special segment known opciones trading high iq adjusting the Block Segment.

It also offers an after-hours trading facility, the Special Operations Segment. Through the Special Operations Segment shares can be traded between previously agreed counterparties once the trading session is closed. Authorised or Communicated operations must fulfil certain cash and price requirements. Operations involving the exercise or expiration of futures and options contracts are also entered on this segment. Exchange-traded funds have a dedicated market segment within SIBE. Its main characteristics are as follows:.

Warrants, certificates and other related products have a dedicated market segment within SIBE. Several thousand warrants, certificates opciones trading high iq adjusting other related products opciones trading high iq adjusting such as structured bonds - are listed on this market segment.

Latibex is a Multilateral Trading Facility operated by BME that channels European investment towards leading Latin American companies through a single market, with a single operating system for trading and settlement and a single currency, the euro.

The market is based on the trading and settlement platform of the Spanish equities market, and Latin American securities listed on Latibex are traded and settled like any other Spanish security. Currently, there are three product categories in MAB: Trading in securities issued by venture capital companies, hedge funds and growth companies is carried out through the Fixing Module. Opciones trading high iq adjusting is a blind market with real-time trading and dissemination of information.

Trading is carried out on the basis of ex-coupon prices, except for certain issues for which it is not possible to calculate the accrued interest when the coupon is included in the price.

Zero coupon issues are traded according to their yield. Transactions with no limits on volume, either when the order is introduced or executed, are carried out in this market. During this period, orders can be entered, altered or cancelled, with trading taking place at the price fixed according to the open market's matching rules: Orders can be simple or be restricted by special conditions such as 'all or nothing', 'execute or kill', 'minimum volume' or 'duration' as a maximum until the end of the month.

At the end of the trading session, outstanding orders are cancelled depending on the order validity. Block trading involves transactions 'blocks' for more than a minimum nominal value of EUR, for corporate fixed income assets and EUR, for book-entry government debt. When the block is entered into the market, it must be stated whether its volume will be traded in one operation or whether it can be traded in several stages, in which case the number of equal trades from dividing up the total volume must be established, provided the amount of each one is equal to or greater than the minimum volume for each product.

The order's access to the market and its on-screen display are prioritised according to the time of introduction and price.

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