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The republish settings below change the way the Intelligent Cube is updated when you re-execute it manually, or when it is optionen intelligenz on a optionen intelligenz, as described in Publishing Intelligent Cubes using a schedule.

For complex update optionen intelligenz, such as updating an Intelligent Cube for different dimensions at different intervals, you can define an incremental refresh filter or report to update optionen intelligenz Intelligent Cube, as described in About defining an incremental refresh filter or report. The Full Optionen intelligenz option is the default. Use this option under the following conditions:.

If the Intelligent Cube must be re-processed based on a metric. For example, an Intelligent Cube that contains data for the top stores by Profit must be re-processed every time it is updated, and thus must use the Full refresh option. The incremental refresh options allow you to update the Intelligent Cube with only new data.

This can reduce the time and system resources necessary to update the Intelligent Cube. In order to use the incremental refresh options, the Intelligent Cube's definition must include a filter that is based on the attributes for which the Intelligent Cube must be updated.

For example, if the Intelligent Cube must be updated with new optionen intelligenz for the Store optionen intelligenz, the filter must qualify on Store. The Intelligent Cube's filter is evaluated. If new data is returned, it is added to the Intelligent Cube. Data that no longer meets the filter's criteria is deleted from the Intelligent Cube.

Select this option for Intelligent Cubes that have a rolling optionen intelligenz of data—for example, an Intelligent Cube that always contains data for the past six months. If the data to be added and deleted cannot be determined, the Intelligent Cube is re-executed. If new data is returned, it is added to the Intelligent Cube, and if the data returned is already in the Intelligent Cube, it is updated where applicable.

Select this option if your data is updated often—for example, an Intelligent Cube that contains daily sales data, and is updated at the end of every day, or if you are adding data to an Intelligent Cube created using the Import Data feature.

Data that is already in the Intelligent Cube is not altered. Select this option if old data does not change once optionen intelligenz is saved to your optionen intelligenz warehouse. MicroStrategy documentation comments or suggestions Product enhancement suggestions.

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Speaking of the Western Digital Green drives, my 2TB Green just died on me, and I've only used it for about three days. I mean they specify that the unit can last 300,000 head parks but in a couple months, the head parks get into the millions. Just for some perspective after having used this drive for over a week now.

For context, I am using this as a secondary drive, for storing data files including media, documents, and I am also running games off this drive too. If the rated limit is 300,000 cycles, then at this rate, this drive should last me 20 years.