Pokémon Gold Version

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Have feedback or ideas? Join our community on Discord. The 3 must play game s Why? Add Video or Image. Visually lacks in flair and drama that might be appealing to players of other games. Only 3 card rarity levels: We do not take money from sellers trying to improve rankings on Slant.

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Daily free packs and cards, along with generous rewards for single player content. After midwinter update, this game died. The Witcher Card Game 4 months ago by Kiritsugu. Shadow Era Recommended a month ago by ImaginativeRoog. I have been playing different card games but stuck with this. Very original card game in a panorama where cartoon graphics and copycats are everywhere.

Slay the Spire Recommended 2 months ago by Stuart. So I've been interested in card games for ages but just couldn't pull the trigger on one as I felt like they were all pay to win or took forever to get a good hand together. Then I stumbled onto this game and holy shit it's so much fun. Basically it's a rougelike at it's heart with cards Shadowverse Recommended a month ago by ProfessionalJuksakka. Shadow Era Recommended a month ago by Michele. This is absolutly the best Card Game ever.

I like beutiful HD art. Mana curve and mechanics are very unique and make the game interesting since first turn. Shadow Era Recommended a month ago by Misher. Very cool game mechanics and Awsome BIG cards and art. Shards of Fate a month ago by UpbeatAello. You can't buy packs with the free to play currency.

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Instead, what you have is a stripped-to-its-basics version of the feature-rich games we have grown used to. Quite a lot to do, then! The differences between these re-release on Virtual Console and the games they are effectively emulating are relatively limited.

Aside from a couple of minor tweaks to a selection of attack animations, the only real difference is the trading element of the games. In one way this is a slight shame, but it does mean that the games remain faithful to the experience you had when playing them 17 years ago. The games have aged fantastically well, too. The only thing we can really fault in terms of how the games stand up today is the lack of the Running Shoes. Without it, walking around from town to town can feel extremely sluggish until you gain the ability to fly between destinations later on.

Players who experienced the original games may be unfazed by this, but those who are used to how the series performs today might find it slightly frustrating. A mobile phone system was also implemented which allowed you to face trainers you had already battled before by accepting their challenges.

Fans of the originals will be pleased to see how faithfully the games have been emulated and newcomers should find enjoyment in playing through what is perhaps the best value-for-money game the series has to offer. The games feel just as good as they did all those years ago and, based on the pure gameplay, would be receiving praise from critics even if they were being released today. Flip that hat around, let out your signature catchphrase, and grab yourself a copy of one of the finest RPGs around.

These were my jam nearly twenty years ago, but HGSS really make them irrelevant. Starfox 2 and Pokemon Gold and Silver reviews in the same day. It feels like the 90's here at Nintendo Life. Seriously though, great review and I pretty much agree. Currently, I'm playing through Silver had Gold as a kid and I'm loving the classic music and sprites. One of my favourite games, and I still am enjoying it just as much today. I still find Crystal's sprite animations the most appealing of the sprite era.

So that in itself can't make these games irrelevant because HGSS were everything but a 1-to-1 remake. I played the hell out of the Gen 1 games, but I unfortunately passed on Gen 2 at the time. I've played HeartGold, but I'm excited to give the originals a try. I picked up Silver, and my aim is to only use Gen 2 Pokemon--my current party is Bayleef, Flaafy, Hoothoot, and Wooper, and I'll be adding and replacing them as I find more.

I'd probably try to use Tyranitar, but it seems like Larvitar is only available in the endgame. Octane Of course they're different, but there really isn't any way the originals are superior. HGSS arguably did everything better. This is my first experience with the original version of the gen 2 games and I gotta say, the game holds up much better than the originals having now played both altho I'm still working my way thru it slowly I've only just reached Ecruteak.

Not sure what more one could want out of these. Gold and Silver both work on the Game Boy. Definitely a proper score for an amazing game. So glad I get to experience these for the first time I missed out on Gen 2. Also, were the colors of the letters "o first one " and "r" in the word "Color" on the GBC different in Europe than in America? Going by the article screenshots and my American copy: Unlike the Gen 1 Pokemon games I feel these ones are still perfectly solid games to play even without nostalgic attachment.

Perhaps Crystal will have released by the time I've cleared my backlog. Or perhaps the world will have ended. They only work on Gameboy Color, which foodmetaphors says he never got. Fandabidozi must be two gold and silvers. Onion You may want to sit down It seems there was a major flaw with the advertising of these two games.

How many Pokemon fans were lost due to not being able to unnecessarily wangle a new GBC from their parents. Crystal is the one that was only playable on the GBC. That notch was removed from all Color only games to prevent users trying to jam it into an original Gameboy.

Much like how 3DS carts have a protruding edge to stop people trying to put it in an original DS. Pokemon Golden and Silver were not only the best Pokemon games but one of the best Gameboy games of all time, next to Super Mario Land 2 six golden coins!

Onion yeah, about that Definitely one of my favorites. Not all games with "Game Boy Color" on the box required the newer hardware, many were just optimized for it. I don't recall if it noted that anywhere on the back of the box, may have required some research into each game. One of my favourite games ever.

ShadJV Totally, I was a fair bit older than the average Pokemon player at the time so I was probably a bit more clued in. Still have them and the boxes and instructions. The batteries finally gave up the ghost last year tho. After playing Yellow on VC and now Silver Though after hatching my Togepi was disappointed to discover Togetic hardly learns any decent moves ever in gen 2. I didn't remember that, so I guess I'm not using that little guy.

When I say Gameboy, I mean the old brick model too, not the Pocket. So it does indeed work on an old Gameboy. I also checked the back of the box for Gold and it even says plainly it works for both Gameboy and Color. Fandabidozi Let's see, this was year ? But given my dad was an IT specialist I was a very tech savvy 11, so I knew how to look this stuff online and actually was already playing a Japanese ROM with some English patched in before we even got it in the West, I was 11 so I wasn't necessarily the best moral compass but at least I purchased Silver when it came here anyways.

I can only assume based on my blurry memory from that long ago that I must have known about the compatibility long before the game came out. Onion thanks for the info on the box, I've no idea where mine is so I couldn't dig the box out to see if it was on the back. At least that means they weren't blunt about whether it worked on the original GB and didn't rely on people researching that on the dinosaur internet from back then!

ShadJV People complain about the state of the internet now but 90's internet was some scary stuff. It definitely says Gameboy and Gameboy color, at least on my US copy. How this misconception got started, I've no clue but quick research shows that most fans definitely thought this was a Color exclusive. In the US, most Color games that are Color exclusive have transparent cases and the boxes read "only on Gameboy Color".

Occasionally I stumble upon a relic of the old net, a webpage that hasn't been updated since the 90s. It's like stepping into a time machine where every image burns your eyes. Ah the days of my youth Onion All it took was reading the box. I mean it was a bit misleading to print "Game Boy Color" in big letters on the front Which still sucks, I argue this is the best gen.

Great to have a version of these games without the worry of the battery running out in just 6 years. Looking at the front of the box alone, you could be mislead into believing it's a GBC game. Looking at the different boxes I own, the fronts all say "Gameboy Color" regardless of whether they work on a regular GB or not and I couldn't discern any differences on the fronts of multiple boxes. Only upon flipping them over and looking on the back do you see what systems they support.

I guess no one bothered to check on the back Including myself to see what it supports. There's also the fact some stores In the US at least won't let you actually touch the game boxes on display, which means you couldn't flip them over even if you wanted to!

Onion I won't argue, it was a poor design choice. I still don't think "most" fans were misled, as anyone that really was into the series likely followed the news on it through early game sites or magazines but there definitely were some and that sucks, Nintendo can hold some of the game as the box art format was their choice.

They just don't make em like they used to. I was so happy to discover they didn't fix the saving glitch. All three starters in 20 minutes for the win. Cloning Masterballs for Ho-Oh and Lugia is still a thing too. Even with the remakes, as thesilverbrick duly noted I still have a soft spot for the originals.

It might be for that je-ne-sais-quoi, it might be because of dem cloning glitches, you name it. You can't really say no to Johto, man. AlexSora89 they aged better than gen 1, I'll tell you that. AlexSora89 The originals are definitely still fun games and all, but if you've got HeartGold or SoulSilver, they are definitely a better way to experience Johto, and on the same console, too.

Gen 2 maintained some of the weirdness of Gen 1, especially in terms of how they applied stats all Dark moves are Special, FTW! I'm a huge fan of Heart Gold, don't get me wrong, but writing off the source material because it's older would be missing out on some classic game play. Never played gold or silver but I did own crystal and I loved that game. Nintendo release crystal too asap, it only makes sense because you released pokemon yellow.

I wish people would stop harping about HGSS. While I own both the originals and remakes, I think the point here is experiencing the original games.