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All trades are counted, regardless trading result. CFD trading volume is not counted in trading contest. You will be notified by email options trading contest your place and the options trading contest you won. Also you can always check your rank in the leader board. Trader can also refuse to accept bonus prize to his trading account. Please input your phone options trading contest with country code and we will immediately contact you.

For experienced traders and beginners: All trading accounts automatically participate in the contest! All your trades will be counted regardless the trading result. Top frequently asked questions How the winning places are distributed? The places are distributed based on number of trades in 1 week, during active contest time.

What are the prizes for this contest? Other places are getting valuable prizes and bonuses. How do I sign up for the contest? All Binarycent traders are automatically signed up for contest. Options trading contest will the competition be running? The contest starts every Sunday at Is there any trading limitations to qualify in the contest?

How will I know if I won a prize? How can I get a prize I won?

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