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Search through Binary Files to Find (and Replace) Text or Byte Sequences in Hexadecimal Mode

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View April's Free Course. I need a solution. Search and Replace within Binary File I can read a binary file with adodb. VBScript code to read and write is below, but the routine to search and replace is unknown to me.

Sign up today x. Question PAQ'd, points refunded, and stored in the solution database. This routine should replace ALL instances of the byte sequences. If you need it to behave differently, you need to add parameters for start, stop, number of changes, etc.

It depends on how fancy you need to get. I write it this way for best performance. On my bit Vista machine, running cscript in debug mode, the ubound function correctly identifies the length of the original "buff", but it appears that indexing into it, with bytestring 0bytestring 1etc. If you start with a file of just 5 bytes, "50 CD 3D 10 EF", and attempt to search and replace on that file, ubound bytestring will correctly display as 4, but bytestring 0 will generate a type mismatch error.

I changed your code just a little, first correcting the typo where you had lgnLen, I made it lngLen, then I removed the "-5", so that the loop ran from 0 to 4, the length of the sample 5-byte file. I'm still stumped as to what's going on. So far I haven't search and replace in binary file all this worked out. Any thoughts on this? I misunderstood how MidB was used. I need to do some more digging and playing. In what runtime environment is this VB script running?

Is this VB script running in a browser window or command prompt or batch job or something else? Is it possible to use something like this: Mid function does not work on bytestring. I'm thinking that is why someone came up with a "MidB" function, which will work when you are trying to read a "byte array". I think I'll have to explore MidB further. Interestingly enough, if I create a string like search and replace in binary file Must be different, though, than the byte array generated from adodb.

I just thought of something. Try adjusting the loop around the MidB function example to start at 1 instead of 0. MidB generates an invalid procedure call.

It is possible that search and replace in binary file 0 position parameter is the cause of the error message, not the use of the MidB function in and of itself. My code was originally written search and replace in binary file a byte array, which is usually zero origin. Strings, on the other hand, are 1 origin. Since there is a Mid function that works on strings, it is possible that the MidB function might also be a 1 origin function.

What is the LBound bytestring value? I have a feeling you have found the problem. I can't get on my computer right now, since it has been appropriated by my honey, but as soon as I can check out your latest comment, I will post a response.

Here's the latest subroutine, allowing me to read through the file and find the bytes I need to replace, but I still can't do the actual replacing. However, I can only read a byte at a particular location, I can't change that byte with the MidB function. Also, I can't get Replace "mystring", "old substr", "new substr" to work, either, and there doesn't seem to be a corresponding ReplaceB function.

Since these comments have valuable content and show what doesn't work, I recommend PAQ with points refunded. I don't know fully how to use thiis site yet.

Looked to me like my only choices were to accept the solution or delete the question. It means a closed question. The difference between closed PAQ and deleted is whether the content will be visible. This discussion thread disclosed the use of MidB as a means to access the byte stream, its 1 vs 0 origin, and its inability to change a byte value. Question has a verified solution.

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