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Charles explained how the rapid decline of traditional, trusted media brands such as newspapers have helped fake news to flourish in the largely unregulated but enormously powerful social media environment. The decline of the media and the rise in social media has coincided with the rise in fake news and these days anyone can set themselves up as a content generator in online publishing or broadcasting.

You would think this would make fake news unpopular but the numbers tell otherwise, so much so the rise in fake news websites is eye watering. This is all very well but what does it mean for our businesses? There were many questions from the breakfast audience, keen to know how they could navigate this communications minefield to protect their reputation and brand identity.

Charles was not short of tips:. The presentation was wrapped up with some detail on what the media is doing to combat fake news. Clearly this hot topic of Fake News is not going to disappear anytime soon so we are grateful Charles was able to bring his experience and knowledge to help us understand this global phenomenon, and how best to operate our business within it. A BIG thanks to Charles who can be reached at charles mcgheemedia. If you would like more information please contact Colin at ColinM Spaen.

Every brand is a running narrative, a story-in-progress whose hero is the customer. Claire talked us through the top ten high impact motivators that create emotional connection identified in The New Science of Customer Emotions article published in the Harvard Business Review, and related these to top option binary options channel number of case studies that illustrated successful customer connection and not so successful!

The customer experience is no longer top option binary options channel and is often perpetual. This was ably illustrated by The Customer Experience Lifecycle displayed as an infinity loop as outlined in Influence 2.

Customers are his advocates who also provide content top option binary options channel success stories to enthuse others and co-create The Body Coach brand community.

The best customer experience and engagement is about being human. When a customer is truly engaged with a brand, they enroll in the tribe and membership increases loyalty, advocacy and repurchasing habits.

Engaging customer experiences and emotional connection are essential for differentiation and are the lifeblood of a successful business.

Claire is well versed in looking after and listening to customers with a wealth of experience; co-founder of branding and marketing agency Creating Sparks, past president of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and fellow and past Vice Chair of the Top option binary options channel Institute of Marketing. The big message on the day was, focus on experiences rather than brand features and create emotional connection by casting customers as the most top option binary options channel members of your tribe.

At our May breakfast we welcomed Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, an innovation centre helping organisations leverage the value of data for economic and social benefit. Gillian opened up with a journey into the future, all the way to to illustrate how the world might look with the use and impact that data, robotics and artificial intelligence top option binary options channel have on top option binary options channel lives. She case studied a typical day for her daughter who will be almost 30 by then.

Using biometric tattoos or chip implants our whole lives could be diarized out for us. There is no holding it back! The Data Lab, run by Gillian, is here to help companies drive technology and innovation. She top option binary options channel showed how companies such as Aggreko and the Beatson are already benefiting from the use of algorithms to provide predictive analytics with equipment maintenance and patient treatment plans.

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It creates clear, unambiguous predictions that help you succeed in a fast-paced environment. This article will explain how the CCI works and how you can use it to improve your binary options trading. The Commodity Channel Index CCI wants to identify market environments in which the price has moved too far from its statistical mean and has to come back. The idea behind the CCI can be best explained with a real-life example. Think of the price of an apple over the last hundred years.

At some point, the price of an apple was half of what it is today. And at some point earlier, it was a quarter of what it is today, and at some point one-eighth. The point is, the price of an apple rose significantly and gradually.

It would have been impossible for the price to quadruple overnight. But for the price change to work, it has to be gradual. Otherwise, customer psychology would bring the price closer to where it was before. Simply put, when the market is close to its statistical mean, a lot of things can happen. But when it has moved too far from it in one direction, you know that market psychology will bring it back closer to its statistical mean.

The formula offers a quick reflection of this. To identify markets in which the price has moved too far from its statistical mean, the CCI focuses on three factors:. With these three components, the CCI formula relates the distance between the current typical price and the simple moving average to the mean absolute deviation.

The final result is then multiplied by 0. The other 20 to 30 percent are outside these boundaries and indicate overbought and oversold markets. The CCI draws the result of this calculation into a price chart. The resulting line, its current value, and its change over time can tell you a lot about what is going on in the market and what will likely happen next.

In addition to its overbought and oversold areas, the CCI also creates a signal when it diverges from the market. When an uptrend creates a new high, the CCI should create a new high, too; and when a downtrend creates a new low, the CCI should create a new low, too. This divergence is a strong indication that the trend has lost momentum. It is likely to end soon, and the market is likely to turn around.

Some traders also trade breaking trend lines in the CCI. They establish trend lines and predict that trends will continue. When the CCI breaks a trend line, they predict that the market will turn around. Personally, we do not recommend using this technique.

As you can see in the picture above, it is difficult to identify trends in the CCI. It mostly moves in straight lines and trying to find non-existent patterns can only lead to mistakes. The CCI offers a number of advantages that make it a great fit for binary options traders. These three characteristics are a good reason why binary options traders should get to know the CCI. To understand how you can trade the CCI, take another look at the picture that we used earlier.

As you can see there, the CCI creates very different predictions based on whether you trade its extreme areas or its failure swings. Divergences do indeed indicate environments in which the market is likely to move closer to its statistical mean — but that is all they do. Despite a divergence not indicating these events, they are possible. They might or might not happen — a CCI divergence simply does not allow for long-term predictions. It focuses on the short term. Failure swings, on the other, only allow for longer predictions.

They offer no short-term indication. Once you understand this essential characteristic, you can correctly trade the CCI. This strategy can be explained in two steps:. The crucial aspect of this strategy is finding the right timing to invest. You have three options:. All three options can work equally well, and you should choose the one with which you feel the most comfortable. Try to find the perfect timing and the right expiry for you.

This might require a little testing and trial and error. Use our recommendations as guidelines, but find your strategy, even if it conflicts with what we write. By adding Candlestick formations to your strategy, you can make more detailed predictions that allow you to trade binary options types with a higher payout and make more profit.

Candlestick formations are significant patterns of candlesticks that allow you to predict what will happen next. There are simple candlestick formations that consist of only one or two candlesticks and more complex formations that consist of more candlesticks, sometimes up to ten. To keep things simple, this article focuses on simple candlestick formations.

You can adapt the strategy to more complex formations if you like. One simple candlestick formation is the big candle. The big candle consists of a single candlestick that is significantly larger than the preceding candlesticks. Its body makes up almost the entire candlestick, and there are no wicks or only small wicks.

The big candle indicates a strong movement. Apparently, the market strongly moved in one direction for the entire period, which is why it is likely for this momentum to carry over to the next period. Assume that the CCI enters the overbought area and, a little later, the market creates a bearish big candle. Now you know two things:. Combined, both predictions create the ideal environment for trading a one touch option. These options define a target price, and as soon as the market touches this price, you win your option.

In such a situation, it makes great sense to trade a one touch option and maximize your potential profit. It forms a smaller candlestick with a wick to both sides. While the CCI begins to fall, this candlestick does not indicate the strong momentum that the big candle predicts.

Consequently, you know that you have to be careful. In this situation, it would be better to trade a low option. You might get a lower payout, but you can win the option with the smallest possible movement in the right direction — as long as the market trades lower when your option expires, you win.

This formation is known as three black crows and indicates a bearish reversal. At this point, you would have already won the trade from the first big candle. You would be able to win a second trade by predicting that the market will continue to fall. Most traders would use a low option for this prediction, but if the market environment seems right to you, you might also be able to trade a one touch option.

The result is a clearer picture of the market, which allows you to trade better and more accurately. There are many, many simple candlestick formations. The big candle is just one of them. Pick those that you like best; there is no need to rely on the big candle if you do not like it.

It is simple, too, but it creates predictions for the long-term. This strategy is simple, but it requires a little more time to execute. You have to search for trends and monitor the CCI closely. On the other hand, you get much more signals once you have found a trend. Of course, long-term predictions in the sense of binary options are relatively short compared to other assets. When you trade this strategy on a 5-minute chart, you will probably use expiries between 30 minutes and two hours.

The CCI indicator is a great indicator for binary options traders. It measures how far the market has moved away from its statistical mean and predicts that when the market moves too far, it has to move back.

The extreme areas create short-term predictions; divergences create long-term predictions. Use one of the three strategies that we presented or adapt them to your preference.