Jobs für Junior Trader in London, England

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If you do, you should probably avoid doing it randomly on the bus. Instead, you should consider pursuing a career as a financial trader. However, they do work under lots of pressure and they do need to make important decisions quickly and confidently. Essentially, financial traders buy and sell financial products, such as bonds, shares and assetson behalf of investors, i. These dynamic front-office professionals liaise with investment analysts, and use their own analytical skills and financial knowledge to survey the financial markets and make predictions.

They then have to make prompt decisions about when to buy preferably when the price is low and when to sell preferably when the price is high securities and other financial products. The ultimate aim is to make as much money as possible for their client, whilst reducing financial risk.

A proprietary trader buys and sells financial products on behalf of the bank that employs them. A sales trader acts as a mediator between the client and the people who are responsible for actually executing the trades.

Rather than directly making risky decisions like flow and proprietary traders, sales traders take orders from their clients and communicate them to the traders who are working on the front line. Finally, they also have to complete routine administrative duties to keep track of deals made, assets acquired and money lost. Traders are also usually paid sizeable bonuses based on performance.

Financial traders tend to start at around 6. Some days you may finish at 5. Different markets, however, operate at different times and this will, therefore, have an impact on your working hours. Investment banks only tend to recruit the very best graduates. Candidates with a degree in any subject can enter this line of work.

If you study a relevant subject, such as business studies, economics, maths, statistics, operational research or accounting, you may stand a better chance of securing an entry-level position.

Completing an internship or work experience placement with an investment bank is a great idea, and pretty much essential for entry into this competitive area of work. Many financial traders start their career as part of a graduate scheme. These training programmes tend to last around two years. If you are accepted onto a graduate scheme, the majority of your training will be done whilst on the job under the supervision of senior traders.

You will also have the opportunity to attend in-house training sessions from time to time. Traders need to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority before they can start trading, which means passing a number of exams. As you gain more experience and move up the career ladder, you will become an associate and then a senior associate.

Some people eventually move into director-level roles. The international nature of trading means that you may have the opportunity to work abroad at some point in your career. What about all the good times we shared? Ok, before you go, just tell us one thing…. Cancel account I've changed my mind. Financial traders can typically be divided into three distinct types: Working hours Expect early starts. Aspiring financial traders should be ready for lots of stress and pressure.

You may also be required to travel internationally from time to time. Entry Investment banks only tend to recruit the very best graduates.

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