MH17 Ukraine plane crash: What we know

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President Obama says it is likely that a missile fired from rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine brought down Malaysia Airlines MH17 and that at least one U. The president identified the American killed on the flight as Quinn Lucas Schansmanwho he said held dual citizenship.

Schansman's other citizenship was Dutch, according to the U. Obama referred to the arming of the rebels and the "steady flow of weapons from Russia" and said if Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a decision not to arm the separatists, then the flow will stop.

Evidence must not be tampered with. All sides in the conflict in Ukraine — Kiev, the separatists, and Moscow — have denied any involvement in the downing of MH The president's remarks at a news briefing on Friday came as U. John Kirby sought to flesh out the evidence. Power, in a presentation to the U. Security Council, said that pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine had been spotted by a Western journalist manning an SA surface-to-air missile system at a location near where MH17 went down just hours before the plane crashed.

Power said that because of the flight's high altitude, shorter-range missile systems had been ruled out. She noted that one of the missile systems had been reported to be in the area of the crash Thursday, before the plane went trading options in malaysia plane crash. Separatists had posted videos and boasts online about downing a Ukrainian plane Thursday, Power said, adding that some of those materials have since been deleted.

Thus we cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating the systems," she added.

She added that the Ukrainian military hadn't fired any anti-aircraft missiles since the fighting began, despite incursions by Russian planes.

Power spoke at an emergency session of the council. The meeting began with all of the diplomats and their staff members standing to observe a moment of silence for victims of the crash.

At the Pentagon, Kirby told reporters that he didn't have any specific information that the SA system, known as a "Buk," had "transited" the Russian border, "but we are not ruling anything in or out. However, if the separatists are involved, it "would be strange credulity to say they could do this without some level of Russian assistance," he said.

As they try to piece together how Flight MH17 was brought down, U. They are also using algorithms and mathematics to pinpoint where the missile was fired from. The fate of the flight's "black box" data recorders remains in question. After the separatists said trading options in malaysia plane crash had recovered them from the crash site, Ukrainian officials disputed that account.

And while some reports stated that the flight recorders might be sent to Russia, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Moscow has "no plans to seize the flight recorders," according to state-owned news agency RT. Reporter Noah Sneider is in the Donetsk region; he says he has seen separatists near the wreckage. Saying that Ukrainian authorities still aren't being given full access to the crash site, Ukraine's prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, says security trading options in malaysia plane crash will create a corridor so that "Ukrainian experts and international experts will be allowed to hold a vast international investigation.

That's according to The Guardianwhich quotes Yatsenyuk saying, "This is a crime against humanity. All red lines have been crossed. In a news conference at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, Gorter said that Malaysia Airlines and other international carriers had been using the same route, making the crash a "tragic incident that could have happened to any of us.

Of the plane, Gorter said that it had been built in and that all systems were functioning normally when it was last checked out earlier this month. Parts of the crash site are still smoldering Friday; photos from the scene show parts of the plane and personal items scattered around open fields. And a video that reportedly shows the aftermath of the crash shows debris falling through a cloud of thick black smoke.

We'll update this post as news comes in. Here's a quick update on what we know about the situation:. Indian schoolchildren hold candles and prayer messages for those killed in the crash of a Malaysia Airlines plane carrying people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The crash has spurred international shock and outrage. President Obama and many world leaders have called it a tragedy, while others such as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott note that the crash "is not an accident, it is a crime.

Security Trading options in malaysia plane crash held an emergency session today to discuss the crash and call for a full and thorough investigation. The meeting began with all of the diplomats and their staff members standing to observe a moment of silence. As our Parallels blog notesa civilian airliner was shot down over Ukraine just 13 years ago.

It was one of a handful of passenger jets that have been downed in recent decades; in almost all of those situations, the attacks were found to have been accidents. The downing of MH17 is the second incident involving Malaysia Airlines in the past four trading options in malaysia plane crash. The airline and Malaysian officials have been at the center of the search for Flight MH, which mysteriously disappeared in March.

That plane, also a Boeinghad people onboard. Because the area where MH17 went down is controlled by trading options in malaysia plane crash rebels, getting investigators to the scene of the accident is already proving difficult. He said that trading options in malaysia plane crash team of 17 monitors visited the site for about 75 minutes, but "they did not have the kind of access that they expected.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. The Two-Way The president says at least one U. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. July 18, 5: Hide caption One day after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, investigators are trying to learn more about the crash and who might be responsible.

Ukrainian coal miners search the crash site near the village of Rozsypne. Hide caption The passenger jet had nearly people aboard; none survived. A white ribbon tied to a stick indicates the presence of human remains at this region of the crash site, in Grabovka, Ukraine. Hide caption Pro-Russian fighters walk by the crash site near the village of Hrabove on Friday.

Kiev officials accuse pro-Russian separatists of firing a missile trading options in malaysia plane crash the jet, which crashed in territory held by rebel insurgents. The separatists, Ukraine's military and Russia have all denied any involvement in shooting down the plane. The flight was on its way to the Malaysian capital from Amsterdam.

More than half of Flight MH17's passengers were from the Netherlands. Hide caption A woman looks at the wreckage in Grabovka. Parts of the crash site were still smoldering Friday. Hide caption A man lays a stuffed bear among flowers outside the Dutch Trading options in malaysia plane crash in Moscow.

Hide caption People hold candles and place flower tributes outside the Dutch Embassy in Kiev to commemorate victims of the crash. Hide caption A candle and a rose are placed on a piece of debris at the site of the crash.

President Obama on MH

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