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Concentrated lemon juices purchased from manufacturers outside the SGF Voluntary Control System were and are found to contain in particular added.

In analytical terms, these adulterations can only be detected by time-consuming and costly procedures. Examining the naturally occurring stable carbon isotope 13 C and its ratio in various fruit juice components such as sugar, pulp, uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural acid gives an indication of the addition of citric acid and sugar. The addition of limes as foreign fruit is detected by looking at the polymethoxylated flavones PMF as characteristic phytochemicals. A green tick shows that all statutory requirements for the certification are fulfilled.

You can access our member portal on our website http: The "Login Members" button is at the top on the right; after entering your login details, you will then gain access to the member portal.

Please contact us if your access details are no longer available info sgf. Once you have logged in successfully, you gain access not only to the list of all VCS participants, their certificates, audit checklists and analysis feedbacks but also in addition to our database of authentic samples and the News archive. You can use various options to look for members.

The company name is sure to be the easiest method, but the following filter criteria can also be used to limit your choice in accordance with your personal requirements:. System goods according to the Implementing Provisions of the SGF Voluntary Control System are defined as "authentic goods manufactured by a VCS participant uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural accordance with the regulations of the control system or for which a quality test has been presented.

Furthermore, these goods shall be produced following generally acknowledged hygiene guidelines. The key aspect missing with non-system goods — no matter how hygienically, safely and sustainably they may have been produced — is that of analytical product controls. The analysis results are evaluated independently uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural the basis of industrial standards, statutory regulations, authentic samples in the SGF database and current findings from science and research, and made available to the member companies.

To guarantee fair, sound evaluation of every sample in this process, any doubtful results are checked again in at least one other laboratory. It is this process which is missing for non-system goods. The trust and confidence that you justifiably place in a SGF-certified member company may not be transferred without further ado also to other non SGF-certified manufacturers of semi-finished products!

Of course there uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural sometimes be situations where there will be no alternative to opting for a non-system manufacturer of semi-finished products. The authenticity of a product cannot be evaluated just with one specification or one supplier batch control for Brix and acid. In addition to heeding necessary diligence, when purchasing non-system uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural, additional suitable quality tests should be carried out to ascertain authenticity in order to limit the risks of purchasing non-system goods as far as possible.

In response to the many requests received from our members, we would therefore like to recommend a minimum scope, what is known as the SGF short analysis uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural, supplemented by additional parameters such as pesticides, heavy metals, vitiation parameters, isotopes, … depending on the specific risks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions about suitable analysis scopes and all other technical questions! The list of about target substances for analysis by various methods also includes those pesticides with a high probability of use according to findings resulting from the FRAPP Fruit Risk Assessment Programme for Pesticides database.

No reasons for objections were found in terms of pesticide residues pursuant to EU Regulation No. Positive findings were obtained for four of the analysed substances: However, the maximum limits permitted in the EU were not exceeded in any sample. It is interesting to note that apart from triadimenol, the detected substances are not present in the current pesticide screenings but were analysed in this campaign using individual methods, on the basis of the available FRAPP information.

Arsenic and lead were also detected in 10 samples each, but again well below the current CoP maximum values. Nor were the recommended maximum values exceeded for cadmium, iron and zinc. Tin and mercury could not be detected in any sample. Moreover, manganese was detected in all samples analysed for heavy metals. Nickel was detected in 16 samples and chromium in 5 samples.

The EU currently does not have any limit values for the transition metals manganese, nickel and chromium. In the past, this rule was implemented when a special situation made it necessary. In order to enhance the safety and improve the credibility of the control system, SGF will be carrying out more unannounced audits as from uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural This can take place at random in all countries where SGF is active.

We would therefore like to remind all our member companies to appoint a deputy in addition to the regular SGF contact partner to ensure that the audit can take place smoothly under all circumstances. Experience shows that those of our member companies who comply with the legal requirements and rules of the control system have no reason to fear an unannounced plant inspection.

Many thanks uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural your understanding and cooperation. The SGF analysis results concern feedbacks of analyses resulting from audits and manufacturing controls that will be uploaded from now on to the member portal by SGF as confidential documents — just as you are already used to. Confidential document — this means that only yourself or authorized persons will be able to open these analysis results.

As a consequence of these uploads, we are going to decimate the previous emailing of analysis results. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check your access data to the SGF member portal soon. We would be pleased to provide you with more information in case of any questions concerning the SGF member portal or the upload of analysis results. In Marchthe statistics for lemons were updated in the member portal. These statistics refer to the following countries: Argentina, Italy and Spain. Altogether, the member uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural offers you analysis values for 20 different types of fruit.

The data are sure to help you in your daily work. Take a look on http: The statistics for apples, sour cherries and oranges will be the next ones to be brought up to date. The objective of the Road Show was to get closer contact to the SGF members and to present the latest developments of SGF, the updated results of the control activities of SGF as well as the new and improved IFU analytical methods, and give the opportunity to participants to discuss on issues relating to the fruit juice industry: During the Road Show two of the sponsors, John Bean Technologies JBT and Bucher Unipektinparticipated as well with interesting presentations on the recovery of added value compounds from the by-products generated by the fruit juice industry.

On top, during the Road Show, Global GAP and Rainforest Alliance with their local Sustainable Agriculture Network companies were accompanying the team during the whole tour and presented in all five Seminars topics dealing with the sustainability of the fruit juices, the certifications and the labelling. He highlighted the exporting importance of this industry and the recognized quality of the product in international uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural.

The next stop was in Campinas Brazil on March 9 th. At this location, we had on top of the standard program the presentation on sustainability of Citrus BR, as well as the very interesting presentation on the citrus greening from the Instituto Agronomico.

Tamara Tapia who mentioned the clear objective of the authorities in helping the industries to improve the innovation of the production processes as well as the volumes and quality of the processed goods and to increase the value of the Ecuadorian food products.

Last but not least, Veracruz Mexico was the location where the final seminar took place. In all the seminars, participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and to network during the juice breaks and the lunch. Thanks to all of you who made it possible! Statutory task of the Uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural Juice Foundation is to foster — through active and financial support — initiatives, measures uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural projects for the purpose of the foundation, especially those that aim at the improvement of quality and safety or of the image of fruit juices and fruit juice containing drinks.

As a special instrument, the QJF annually confers the "Quality Juice Award" that honors special merits in the area of legal, analytical and technological research work and practical further development of the positive and healthy image of fruit juices.

The bestowal of the award will take place in October in the framework of the Global Juice Summit — the yearly mega event of the fruit juice industry — where the award winner will have the opportunity to give a presentation on his research work.

The prize money amounts to EUR. If you have published a fruit juice related scientific paper or thesis regarding the improvement of quality, safety and image of fruit uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural, please do not hesitate to send us your application by 30 June to info qualityjuice.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Alexandra Heinermann: Nevertheless, SGF expresses the deepest condolences for the tragic loss of life resulting from the earthquake in Ecuador. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected and our best wishes to the all the Ecuadorians in order to overcome these difficult moments. In this rubric we will inform you about quality deviations detected in fruit and vegetable juice products.

The statutes stipulate that the SGF has to initiate corrective actions in cases of serious nonconformities in the authenticity, labelling or safety parameters concerning the legal requirements or those stipulated by the industrial standards.

Depending on the severity of the ascertained nonconformities, the inspected plants receive objection letters stating corrective actions, such as obligation uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural or negative covenants.

You will find a daily updated list of SGF certified members in the member portal on www. We recommend keeping yourself updated here about the membership situation of your co-operation partners. We welcome all new members who have joined since the last newsletter and look forward to successful cooperation.

The operational prerequisites and control uni trade brokers sc veracruz all natural required for confirmation of compliance with the rules and regulations of the VCS are not yet all complete for the newly registered companies. However, the SGF office and the new members will handle these as soon as possible.

On completion, the new VCS participants will be featured in the list of certified members on our website. This means that until receipt of the SGF certificate, all deliveries from these companies or production sites have to be treated as non-system goods and are subject to special quality and authenticity examinations.

Quality deviations in concentrated lemon juice. Concentrated lemon juices purchased from manufacturers outside the SGF Voluntary Control System were and are found to contain in particular added citric acid, foreign fruit and sugar. The company name is sure to be the easiest method, but the following filter criteria can also be used to limit your choice in accordance with your personal requirements: These additional quality tests apply within the Voluntary Control System for all manufacturers and bottlers of finished goods for all fruit and vegetable processing firms and companies processing semi-finished products and for all traders or trading companies and brokers.

Traces of the herbicide glyphosate were found in two samples. The fungicide triadimenol was also detected in two samples. SGF increases unannounced plant inspections. Apply for the Quality Juice Award now! The application should contain: Active and full time student Ph. Overview of deviations Changes in participation. August 3 - 5, Hamburg, Germany Prognosfruit September 19 - 21, Shanghai, China China Juice October 12 - 13, Antwerp, Belgium Juice Summit Since our last SGF News, the following quality deviations have been detected.

Since our last newsletter, the following companies listed below have applied for SGF membership and participation in the Voluntary Control System.

Rayong Bankhai- Banbung Rd. Chiquita Tropical Ingredients S. Jiangsu Yiyunbeier Drink Co.

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