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A feature common to all Indo-European languages is the presence of verbin m verb corresponding to the English verb to be. Though in some languages it verbin m vestigial, it is present nonetheless in atrophied forms or derivatives.

This verb has two basic meanings. In a more heavily marked context it expresses existence I think therefore I am ; the dividing line between these is not always easy to draw. Some languages have shared these functions between several verbs: Irish, Spanish and Persian all have multiple equivalents verbin m to bemaking a variety of distinctions.

Verbin m functions verbin m from language to language. For example, although in its basic meanings, to be is a stative verbEnglish puts it to work as a dynamic verb in fixed collocations You are being very annoying. The copula is the most irregular verb in many Indo-European languages. This is partly because it is more frequently used than any other, and partly because Verbin m offered more than one verbin m suitable for use in these functions, with the result that the daughter languages, in different ways, have tended to form suppletive verb paradigms.

This article describes the way in which the irregular forms have developed from a series of roots. This verb is generally reconstructed for Proto-Indo-European thus: This is the verbin m of the English infinitive be and participle been Germanic participles have the suffix in -an.

This verb can be reconstructed as follows: See Germanic strong verb: This has been claimed as the origin of the Old Norse and verbin m Scandinavian languages ' present stem: Donald Ringe argues that the copula was sometimes unaccented in Pre-Proto-Germanic, which would have then triggered the voicing under Verner's law. On the absence of the initial s- in Celtic, see Indo-European s-mobile. See verbin m Romance copula. Although in Dutchthis verb retains its primary meaning of "stand", it is also used in an auxiliary-like function that only has a secondary meaning of "standing".

For example, in ik sta te koken "I stand while cooking"the emphasis verbin m on the act of cooking, and the implication of standing while doing so is only secondary, and may even be completely irrelevant the performer of the emphasized action might just as well be sitting. When it is not a full copula it can normally only be used as an auxiliary with another verbit does have shades of meaning that resemble that of the Italian sto cucinando "I am cooking".

German "stehen" also exhibits a similar secondary meaning as a copula in certain locative phrases. For example, "Das Auto steht da" "the car is over there" lit. Paradoxically, despite verbin m fact that Persian is apparently the only Indo-European language that has created an existential verbin m out of the copulait has simultaneously made an extreme use of the latter to produce verbin m general paradigm for conjugating all Persian verbs.

Modern Persian nouns and pronouns have no grammatical gender ; thus, all pronouns are neutral, e. In the conventional transliteration of Iranian languages: As an example, in the following sentences, the present forms of the verb 'to be' are used as copulas or predicates: An old declensional suffix -ad is still verbin m instead of ast for 3rd person singular in present-tense and subjunctive conjugation of Persian verbs.

However, what is linguistically notable, is the emergence of an existential be out of the copulaverbin m hast exists out of ast ' is. The evolution of this verbin m form, might go back to ancient Iranian languages, where ast could have two variants cf. In the next phase, what we may call a pseudo-verb appeared, vis. We may therefore deduce that neither hast exists nor its derived pseudo-verb hastan to exist can be negated at all, unless reduced to copulas!

Of course in colloquial Persian, hastan can be also used for emphasis to express predication in the present tense. Strictly speaking, hastan is only a theoretical infinitive, verbin m lexical. Except for Latin, the older Italic languages are very scarcely attested, but we have in Oscan set they arefiiet they becomefufans they have been and fust he will beand in Umbrian sent they are.

This section will explain Latin, and the Romance languages that have evolved from it. For simplicity, the table below has only the full conjugation of the present tense, and the first-person singular forms of some other tenses.

In several modern Romance languagesthe perfect is a compound tense formed with the participle as in English, but the old Latin perfect survives as a commonly used preterite in Verbin m and Portuguese, and as a literary " past historic verbin m in FrenchItalian and Catalan.

There is a tendency for a past participle derived from stare or more verbin m its supine, statum to replace that of the main copula derived from esse. For further information, see the main Romance copula article. In the preterite, however, the paradigms fell together. Old English has no participle for this verb. The plural forms in Modern Swedish indicated in brackets were in common use in formal written language until the midth century, but are now no longer in use except in deliberately archaising texts.

The preterite subjunctive is also increasingly being replaced by the indicative. In the Celtic languages there is a verbin m between the so-called substantive verbused when the predicate is an adjective phrase or prepositional phrase, and the so-called copulaused when verbin m predicate is a noun. The conjugation verbin m the Old Irish and Middle Welsh verbs is as follows:.

Welsh mae originally meant "here is" cf. In verbin m Gaelic, person inflections have almost verbin m, but the verbin m and interrogative are marked by distinctive forms.

Gaelic bh eil and Irish bh fuil are from Old Irish fuiloriginally an imperative meaning "see! Gaelic robh and Modern Irish raibh are from the perfective particle ro ry in Welsh plus ba lenited after ro. The present tense in particular shows a split between the North and the South. Though the situation is undoubtedly more complicated, King notes the following variations in the present tense as spoken not as written according to the standard orthography:.

Note that, for example, the spoken first person singular verbin m i'n is a contraction of the formal written yr ydwyf fi yn. Bod also has a conditional, for which there are two stems.

The bas- verbin m is more common in the North, and the bydd- stem is verbin m common in the South:. The Albanian copula shows two distinct roots. The imperfect continues the PIE imperfect of the same root but was rebuilt based on the 3rd person singular and plural. Analogical or otherwise indirect reflexes are italicized below. From Wikipedia, the verbin m encyclopedia. Verbin m article contains characters used to write reconstructed Proto-Indo-European words.

Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode combining characters and Latin characters. This section may be too long verbin m read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings. A History of English: Retrieved 9 February Hittite and the Indo-European Verb. Brill, Schleicher's fable The king and the god. Retrieved from " https: Articles containing Church Slavonic-language text Articles containing Russian-language verbin m Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from February Articles that may be too long from June Articles containing Welsh-language text.

Verbin m Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For other persons the conjugation has to use enclitic verbin m. However, as it is said, the 3rd person singular has no ending in the verbin m of " hastan ".

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