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Finally, even though we're giving point values to each of those lightbulbs, when we write them down we still only write them as ones and zeros. One means On, and Zero means Off. So let's say writing in binary code had writing in binary code lightbulbs, and they were set up like this: The point values of those eight bulbs are: And that adds up to So we would say the sequence of bulbs is worth But how do we write it?

We write it like this: And that's Binary Code. Go ahead and enter some text into the encoder. The computer will convert those letters into numbers, and then it will convert those numbers into binary! So a word with 5 letters would take 40 lightbulbs! How many lightbulbs do you think it took to make this page?

I bet it was a lot! Enter some text here to be converted to binary. Basic Explanation Did you know that everything a computer does is based on ones and zeroes? It's hard to imagine, because you hear people talking about the absolutely gargantuan huge numbers that computers "crunch".

But all those huge numbers writing in binary code they're just made up of ones and zeros. It's kind of like the computer is made up of a bunch of lightswitches, and each lightswitch controls just one lightbulb. What do I mean by sequence? Let's say you had two lightswitches. There are four different ways we could flip those switches: Writing in binary code say the first lightbulb is worth two writing in binary code, and the second one is worth one point. Now take a look at the combinations: As you can see, it's going to take a lot of lightbulbs to make a really big number!

If those two numbers are represented by lightbulbs, what is the value assigned to a bulb that is not turned on? What would be another way to write this: On Off On On Off? If you convert your name to binary using the encoder, what is the result? If you convert a 5-letter word to binary, how many digits does the result have?

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To recognize basic option strategies and understand their purpose. To be able to calculate short-term interest rates and yields, including forward-forward rates, and to use these interest rates and yields to calculate payments and evaluate alternative short-term funding and investment opportunities. To recognize the principal risks in spot and forward FX transactions.

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