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The Stock Option Exchange Program: The "big picture" of how the exchange programs works; How your exchange offer is calculated; What to consider as you make your decision; What information you will receive personally in your packet; Where to go for details and answers to your questions; and How to make your election.

Wwwoptionslinkcom etrade Big Picture Background: Charter's Board of Directors reviewed the approach to long term incentives. Many options held provide little incentive because. The exercise price is substantially higher than the current trading price.

Wwwoptionslinkcom etrade is offering a one-time opportunity to wwwoptionslinkcom etrade certain options for restricted stock or cash. Both vested and unvested stock options may be exchanged. If you exchange you must: Receive restricted shares of common stock or cash. The Exchange Offer Restricted Stock Detail Shares of Charter stock, subject wwwoptionslinkcom etrade vesting restrictions, that are awarded to you at no purchase cost.

Restricted Shares will vest one-third each year over 3 years. Additional restrictions apply for SVP's. Example Wwwoptionslinkcom etrade than shares so. Wwwoptionslinkcom etrade Exchange Offer More than shares so.

Exchange for restricted shares Cash or Restricted Shares? The Exchange Offer If you receive cash. May not be sold or transferred until vested Vesting wwwoptionslinkcom etrade What Should You Consider?

In making your decision, consider: Charter's share wwwoptionslinkcom etrade in the future The expiration date of your options The vesting terms for the new restricted stock if you are eligible to receive stock If you leave the company in the next three years, all unvested shares would be forfeited. What do you think Charter's market price wwwoptionslinkcom etrade be in the future? If the price of Charter's wwwoptionslinkcom etrade stock increases and exceeds the exercise price of your vested stock options, those options will have value if wwwoptionslinkcom etrade exercise them at that time.

If Charter's market price remains below the exercise price and you hold on to your stock options, you would receive no value. Charter Stock Trends 5-year share price - Present 1-year share price Source: Making Your Decision There are three ways in which you can make your election to exchange your options during the offer period: Eastern Time February 20, Confirming Your Decision You will receive a Confirmation Statement about one week after the offer period ends.

Mellon must receive your election by 5: February 20, If you make no election, your options will continue in effect wwwoptionslinkcom etrade their original expiration date s. The Information You Will Receive: Tuesday, January 20, through 5: Eastern Time Friday, February 20, EST January 20 - February 19, and 9: Key Questions What should you do if you have questions?

EST Friday, February 20,

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